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  • On April 22nd and 29th, 2013 the City Council took an important step in the General Plan Update process.  The Council reviewed and provided direction on changes to eight components to the Land Use and Mobility Elements and directed city staff to study the environmental impacts of those changes.  These eight components include changes to the guiding principles, new policy topic areas, new development caps, a revised Land Use Diagram, and other items.  The exhibits below demonstrate the City Council’s approvals. 

    These exhibits do not represent the final version of the update, but an agreed upon set of documents on which analysis can begin.  Once the environmental impact report (EIR) is complete and the impacts of the proposed changes are known, the City Council can make further changes to the Plan. 

    Principles, Objectives, and Policies (Document) – The General Plan is based on a set of visionary principles; these principles are implemented by objectives and policies.

    Specific Plan Boundaries (Map) – Specific plans are areas that are targeted for a significant portion of projected future development.  The General Plan provides a vision for each Specific Plan; staff is recommending modifying the vision and consequently the boundaries of some of these plans. 

    Land Use Diagram (Map) – The Land Use Diagram designates each property with a land use designation.  These designations define, generally, the uses that can operate at that site, and a maximum intensity of development.

    Development Levels – These figures represent the maximum level of residential units and commercial square footage that can be constructed within the defined specific plan areas and citywide.

    Environmental Impact Report 

    An Environmental Impact Report, or EIR, will study the impact of the changes proposed as part of the General Plan update.  The EIR explains the environmental impacts of the land use and mobility choices proposed.  The first step in the preparation of this document will be to solicit your input so that we can include it in the EIR topic areas (such as transportation, land use, and greenhouse gas emissions) that are important to the community.  This will be the first of several opportunities for the public to comment on the environmental process. For additional opportunities to give input, see the EIR Roadmap below. 

    Environmental Review – An overview of the environmental review process.

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