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Pasadena Water & Power

  • Who to Contact During an Outage

    Power Emergencies: (626) 744-4673

    Water Emergencies: (626) 744-4138

    Medical / Life Threatening Emergencies: Call 911

    Non-Emergencies: (626) 744-4005 / PWP Contact Information 

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    Unscheduled Outages

    Unscheduled outages are unanticipated water or power outages that could be caused by a variety of things including: Mylar balloons, squirrels, car accidents, water main breaks, etc. PWP’s priority during an unscheduled water or power outage is to restore service as quickly as possible. How quickly your service is restored following an outage depends greatly on how far your home is from the problem. In most cases,  service will be restored within a couple hours.

    If you are experiencing an unscheduled power outage, visit our Outage Map page for locations of known outages within our service territory.

    If a water or power outage is anticipated to last more than 4 hours, PWP will post updates on our official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

    Scheduled Outages

    Scheduled outages are planned water or power outages by PWP that allows us to work on our water and electric systems safely. PWP will provide customers with at least 24-hour notice for planned outages. PWP personnel will notify you in person, if contact cannot be made, a door hanger is left with a written notice giving the date and time along with a contact number. 

    Rolling Blackouts


    Pasadena Water and Power is a partner in the state’s electricity grid and has a contact with the California Independent System operator (CAISO). When critical power overloads occur as a result of low reserves, extreme weather, unit failures, etc, the CAISO would issue a statewide Stage III Emergency. During a Stage III Emergency involuntary rolling blackouts can occur for up to two hours in areas throughout Pasadena.   

    Here are some key tips to help you prepare should a rolling blackout occur: 

    • Sign up for PWP’s Outage Management System- receive a phone call when power is out and when power is restored   
    • Sign up for CAISO Alerts and Warnings - emergency notifications that are issued when operating reserves or other limitations threaten the operation of CAISO's grid
    • Sign up for Flex Alerts - a call for consumers to conserve electricity during heat waves when power use outstrips electricity supply. It also calls for conservation during other challenging grid conditions, such as when power plants or power lines are unexpectedly unavailable, making electricity deliveries difficult
    • Have a back-up generator handy and tested, especially if you rely on a plug-in medical device  
    • Bookmark the City of Pasadena homepage for important citywide emergency info and updates

    Customers With Critical Medical Needs

    Customers who are on electrically operated life support systems or who rely heavily on electricity for work should consider acquiring a backup power supply system for use in the event of a service interruption.  PWP tries to maintain a list of those on life support systems and shares this with the Police and Fire Departments. To inform us about a life support system in your home sign-up for our Medical Assistance Program.  

    Restoring Electric Service - Our Priorities

    During an unscheduled electric outage, PWP’s priority is to restore service to substations and primary lines that serve the greatest number of customers. PWP will move down the lines restoring primary taps, and lastly service drops feeding individual homes. This method results in the most efficient use of our resources by restoring electricity to large areas in a short period of time before dealing with individual outages. If you have checked your breaker and find yourself without power, but your neighbor still has power, chances are you have a damaged transformer or service drop.

    The drawing below shows the way that electricity is typically delivered to your home. How quickly your service is restored following an outage depends greatly on how far your home is from the problem that caused the outage and the nearest substation.

    Power System 

    Facebook and Twitter Updates

    PWP’s priority during an unscheduled outage is to restore service as quickly as possible. If a power outage is anticipated to last more than 4 hours PWP will post updates on our official Facebook and Twitter accounts. 


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