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  • The Taxpayer Protection Act (TPA)

    What is the TPA

    The Taxpayer Protection Act (“TPA”) requires the City to track and maintain information related to contracts, purchase orders, permits and various other City transactions. In short, the TPA aims at preventing “play for pay” situations by preventing gifts, future employment, campaign contributions and other public benefits to City Council members and other City officials who approve the grant of a public benefit.

    In accordance with the TPA requirements, all information compiled by City offices in compliance with Section 1705 (a) and (b) of the Charter shall be posted on the internet so that records are available to the public in an easy-to-use and timely manner. In addition to the posted internet reports, hard copy/printed versions of the reports may be requested from the City Clerk’s Office located at City Hall.

    Additional TPA information available:

  • Icon TPA - Official Charter
    Icon TPA - Public Information Sheet
    Icon TPA Disclosure Form - Land Use (applications)
    Icon TPA Disclosure Form - Non-Land Use (contracts and all others)
    Icon TPA Guidelines
  • TPA Reports

    Reports posted on this site are formatted in Microsoft Office Excel. To view the report, please click on the specified report.

  • City Council Reports
  • Icon City Council Non-Profit TPA Report
    Icon City Council TPA Report
    Icon Pre-Contractual Blackout Period Report
    Icon Pre-Contractual Non-Profit Blackout Period Report

  • City Department Reports
  • Icon Assistant City Manager TPA Report (Gutierrez)
    Icon Assistant City Manager TPA Report (Rodriguez)
    Icon City Attorney TPA Report
    Icon City Clerk TPA Report
    Icon City Manager Non-Profit TPA Report (Beck)
    Icon City Manager TPA Report (Beck)
    Icon City Manager TPA Report (Mermell)
    Icon Planning Non-Profit TPA Report
    Icon Planning TPA Report
    Icon Public Works TPA Report
    Icon Transportation TPA Report
    Icon Water and Power TPA Report
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