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  • Economic Development Strategic Plan

    Consistent with the direction provided by Council’s Edtech Committee in May 2011, staff has prepared an Economic Development Strategic Plan (EDSP) for the City.  Employers, business district representatives, city advisory committees, and representatives from local institutions shared many thoughts and offered productive ideas that were incorporated into the attached document. 

    This Economic Development Strategic Plan provides an assessment of the existing conditions that drive the economy in Pasadena and is intended to help local stakeholders and decision makers to implement strategies that will contribute to the City’s future economic health.  The preparation of this document is also aligned to be a reference document for the city’s General Plan update.  The EDSP includes strategic recommendations to enhance Pasadena’s business climate, ensure the fiscal health of the city, and support economic growth in a manner consistent with the City’s character. 

    As announced by the Mayor at the State of the City event in January of 2012, the City Manager has assembled an Economic Development Task Force. This distinguished group of business leaders will take the EDSP and help prioritize the objectives that are most likely to boost Pasadena’s economic future.  The Task Force will assess Pasadena’s comparative advantages and develop a set of recommendations for the City Manager to review as various policies are brought to the City Council for consideration.  The combined experiences represented on the Task Force will allow for a frank and informed discussion about what really drives local investment and employment decisions in Pasadena.  The Task Force will be meeting monthly through the end of the year.  Related information is provided below.

    To download the Economic Development Strategic Plan and the support documentation, please click on the links below.  

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