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Water Conservation Programs

PWP encourages its customers to make water conservation a Way of Life. Below you will find information about Pasadena's current water use restrictions, incentives for purchasing water-efficient products, available conservation programs and workshops, resources, and more.

Water Use Restrictions

As a reminder, Pasadena is currently in a Level 2 Water Shortage Plan. Under this level, outdoor watering for winter (Nov 1 to March 31) is limited to one day per week (Saturdays only) before 9am and after 6pm from April 1 through Oct 31. Effective April 1, the watering schedule for summer Under Level 2 goes into effect, which allows for watering two days a week (Tuesdays and Saturdays).

Rebates & Incentives

Installing water-efficient fixtures can help you conserve and save money -- below are a list of available rebates and incentives:  

Turf Removal Rebate    $0.60/sq.ft. for residential customers, $0.30/sq.ft. for commercial customers 
Premium High Efficiency Toilets   $100 per toilet
 High Efficiency Clothes Washer   $300
Rain Barrels    $100 for 50 gallon min
Rotating Nozzle Rebate   $7 per nozzle (minimum of 30 per home
Weather Based Irrigation Controller  $60 per station or $250 under 1 acre 
Cisterns over 200 gallons    $500
Laundry-to-Landscape Greywater Program   $80 voucher towards the cost of greywater system parts
Income-Qualified Incentives 

Laundry-to-Landscape Greywater System installed at no cost 

Drought-Tolerant Landscape design and installation at no cost 

 Laundry-to-Landscape Greywater Program

Greywater --water from your shower, bathtub, washing machine, and bathroom sink -- can provide an efficient way to irrigate your landscape. PWP offers an Laundry-to-Landscape (L2L) Greywater Program that offers in-depth training workshops to teach customers how to install a system in their home, and receive a $80 voucher towards the cost of system parts.

 Drought-Tolerant Landscapes  

Did you know that up to 70% of household water use is for landscape irrigation, and that turf uses 50% more water than any other plant? Replace your grass with a low-maintenance drought-tolerant landscape to help reduce your water consumption. Visit our Landscapes page for tips on how to transform your landscape, rebate information, and other helpful resources.

 Rainwater Capture 

Rain barrels and cisterns are a great way to capture rain water as it flows off your rooftops. Reuse the water to irrigate your landscape for an easy and efficient way to conserve water and lower your water bill. Visit our Rainwater Capture page for more resources, rebate information, and more.

 Upcoming Workshops & Events 

PWP hosts monthly greywater workshops and special events to help you learn about the ways you can conserve water. Visit our Workshops page to learn more.

 Resources & Tips

 Water Conservation Program Feedback

Do you have any suggestions for new water conservation programs? Let us know! Contact us at: water@cityofpasadena.net with your ideas!

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