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    The draft land use and mobility policies cover topics such as growth, transportation, design, historic preservation, environmental sustainability, arts and culture, economic vitality, parking and education.  The policies also give direction to future planning efforts for districts in the City such as the Central District, East Colorado, East Pasadena, North Lake, Fair Oaks and Orange Grove, Lincoln Avenue, Washington and Allen, West Gateway, and the Northwest.

    During the month of April, the Draft Land Use and Mobility Element policies were presented to 10 Commissions for their review and comment. Their input, along with public input recorded at a workshop held at Pasadena City College on February 1st, resulted in the following document, which was presented formally to the Planning Commission over two meetings conducted on February 26th and March 12th.  


    The link below will direct you to all the General Plan policies related to Land Use and Mobility:  

    Draft Land Use and Mobility Element Policies 


    Next Steps  

    The General Plan Land Use and Mobility Policies will be presented to the City Council in Spring 2014. The policies, as modified through the commission and public review process, will then be incorporated into the Draft Environmental Impact Report, which should be prepared and circulated for additional public comment this Summer. 


    For more information on the General Plan Update, please contact Scott Reimers at (626) 744-6710 or Vicrim Chima at (626) 744-6791. 


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    Photos provided by: Jason Mikaelian, Scott Reimers, Denise Seider, Susan Soto, Jim Oswald, and Stephanie DeWolfe unless otherwise noted.


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