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     The Alternatives

  • Newsletter Cover SmallAfter more than a hundred workshops and community events, four land use plan alternatives for future growth were developed for the Pasadena’s General Plan update:

    A - Focuses on lowering the capacity on future growth for the Central District while increasing capacity in East Pasadena and along major streets such as East Colorado.

    B - Focuses on improving the city’s economic vitality by expanding opportunities for offices, industries and other job-generating land uses. Growth would continue in the Central District, and new growth would occur along major streets and in other districts.

    C- Envisions new transit villages around Gold Line stations and mixed-use “neighborhood villages” at major intersections to promote transit use and walking. The goal of the neighborhood village is to create a vibrant neighborhood with easy access to transit and a mix of housing and neighborhood-serving businesses.

    D - Focuses on reducing the remaining capacity or caps established in the current General Plan in the Central District, South Fair Oaks and West Gateway planning areas, and retaining much of the capacity in other areas.

    A special newsletter with information on the alternatives and a community survey to receive feedback on the alternatives were mailed to all households and businesses in June 2011.  The survey asked which alternative, or combination of alternatives, were preferred for six planning areas. The survey also sought feedback on the guiding principles of the General Plan.  The results will provide a framework to begin drafting a concept land use plan.

    View the newsletter and survey:

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  • Video Icon Watch the KPAS TV Show on the General Plan Alternatives and Survey >>

    Additional information on the alternatives:

  • Icon 01) Map of planning areas
    Icon 02) Housing units and commercial square footage - citywide and by planning area
    Icon 03) Impacts - citywide and by planning area
    Icon 04) Additional Mobility Items
    Icon 05) Additional Impacts not shown in newsletter
    Icon 06) Bubble Map of Alternative A
    Icon 06) Bubble Map of Alternative B
    Icon 06) Bubble Map of Alternative C
    Icon 06) Bubble Map of Alternative D
    Icon 07) Existing Conditions Map as of May 2009
    Icon 08) CommunityViz Map for Current General Plan
    Icon 09) CommunityViz Map for Alternative A
    Icon 09) CommunityViz Map for Alternative B
    Icon 09) CommunityViz Map for Alternative C
    Icon 09) CommunityViz Map for Alternative D
    Icon 10) Map showing locations for projected growth


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