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    September 2010 Workshops

    Framing the Alternatives 

    September Workshops PhotoTwo interactive community workshops were held at Pasadena’s Senior Center in September 2010 to discuss opportunities and constraints for growth over the next ten years and beyond. The workshops gathered feedback and asked questions such as: Should Pasadena continue to grow? If so, where should it occur? How should it be accommodated?

    The workshop included a short presentation on some of the challenges facing Pasadena such as affordable housing, economics, housing laws and climate change. Afterwards, participants broke up into small groups to discuss the General Plan’s existing guiding principles and define areas of the city that should remain unchanged.

    Over 175 members of the community participated at the workshops. The information gathered and shared at the workshops was used as a framework in developing a series of draft alternatives at a community charrette in November 2010. 

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  • Icon 1. Workshop Agenda
    Icon 1. Workshop Flow Chart
    Icon 1. Workshop Flyer
    Icon 1. Workshop Flyer - Spanish
    Icon 2. Workshop Presentatioin
    Icon 2010 November Charrette Poster - Metrics and Sept Workshops
    Icon 3. Foundations, Priorities and Community Comments
    Icon 4. Themes Derived from Community Outreach
    Icon Fact Sheet - Commercial and Residential Development since 1994
    Icon Fact Sheet - Guiding Principles
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    Photos provided by: Jason Mikaelian, Scott Reimers, Denise Seider, Susan Soto, Jim Oswald, and Stephanie DeWolfe unless otherwise noted.


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