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  • General Plan Community Information Meetings 

    The Community was invited to two General Plan Community Information meetings in June to learn about the draft General Plan Land Use and Mobility Elements, the direction given by the City Council, and the environmental review process. 

    The Community Information Meetings were scheduled for:

    • Saturday, June 15 starting at 9:00 a.m. at Pasadena City College’s Circadian Room, Building CC, at 1570 E. Colorado Blvd. 
    • Thursday, June 27 starting at 6:30 p.m. at Pasadena Presbyterian Church’s Gamble Lounge, located at 585 E. Colorado Blvd. 

    Presentation by staff. 

    Meeting notes and comment cards. 

    Flyer for the meetings. 

    At the meetings, City staff gave attendees an in-depth presentation on the direction given by the City Council to study changes to the General Plan.  Planners gave background on what an environmental impact report (EIR) typically studies, described how a General Plan EIR is different from other kinds of EIRs, and informed attendees about future opportunities to provide input during the environmental review process.  Although these meetings were not part of the environmental review process, staff recorded comments on subjects the environmental impact report should study. 

    Next Steps:
    Later in the process, staff will prepare an environmental Initial Study.  This Initial Study will provide preliminary environmental analysis, give initial findings on the potential level of environmental impact, and state which subjects require additional study.  In the future, the City will host environmental scoping meetings to allow the community to review and provide feedback on the environmental initial study.  Throughout the environmental process, City staff will continue to meet with the community to present progress on the analysis and to take comments. 

    Previous Steps:
    In April 2013, the City Council reviewed and provided direction on eight key components of the General Plan Update.  This included changes to the:

    • Guiding Principles,
    • Land Use Element’s Policies and Objectives,
    • Organization of the Land Use Element,
    • Mobility Element Objectives,
    • Goals and Objectives of the Mobility Supporting Initiatives,
    • Specific Plan Boundaries,
    • General Plan Land Use Diagram, and
    • Development Caps

    To view the proposed changes to the General Plan Land Use and Mobility Elements, visit http://www.cityofpasadena.net/2013_Council_Updates/ or call 744-7310.


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    Photos provided by: Jason Mikaelian, Scott Reimers, Denise Seider, Susan Soto, Jim Oswald, and Stephanie DeWolfe unless otherwise noted.


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