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    The City of Pasadena is preparing a Climate Action Plan (CAP)! 

    The Pasadena Climate Action Plan is the latest initiative in Pasadena's ongoing commitment to confronting the issue of climate change. A Climate Action Plan is a document that outlines ways in which the City can reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). On this webpage, you will find all the latest information about the development of the CAP, including

     It is anticipated that the draft Climate Action Plan along with the Initial Study/Negative Declaration will be released for public review in Fall 2017.

     Please check back regularly for updates.


    Climate Change is one of California's many urgent environmental problems, and is considered a major global challenge for the 21st century. Driven primarily by GHG emissions from human activities, the global climate is changing as evidenced by higher air and ocean temperatures, reduction in the extent of sea ice, and rising sea levels. These changes in the global climate also have local impacts, such as heat waves, drought, and wildfire. In fact, the City of Pasadena is already experiencing some of these impacts. 

     In 2006, California became the first State to adopt a GHG reduction target through Assembly Bill (AB) 32, which requires the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. Executive Order B-30-15 established statewide mid-term reduction target of 40% below 1990 levels by 2030 which was codified in 2016 through the passing of Senate Bill (SB) 32. California's overall target was set by Executive Order S-3-05 which establishes statewide GHG emission reduction target goals of 80% below 1990 levels by 2050 to achieve long-term climate stabilization. 

    State Reduction Targets 

        State Target Years  


    Local governments have a vital role to play in assisting the state in meeting California's reduction targets. Recognizing the important role and responsibility that local governments have in reducing GHG emissions, the City of Pasadena is preparing a Climate Action Plan to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of GHG reduction efforts and ultimately reduce the City's carbon footprint. The overall purpose of the CAP is to present measures that will reduce local greenhouse gas emissions and align the City's reduction goals with statewide targets.

     How to Get Involved 

    Public participation is important in the development of the CAP. Over the course of the project, the City held several workshops and will continue to accept public comments at the upcoming commission and Council meetings. Your attendance at these future public hearings is encouraged. The public draft CAP is anticipated to be released Fall 2017 for public comments and input.


    Climate Action Plan Survey 



    It’s important to gauge where the community currently stands and how to move forward into a more sustainable, greener city. Your input will help inform the development of the Climate Action Plan. Let us know what you think and fill out the Survey! 


    Survey in English 

    Survey in Spanish 




    Second Open House Community Meeting 

    second open house community meetingOn March 23, 2017, the City held an open house meeting at Throop Church to present draft strategies designed to reduce Pasadena’s GHG emissions. These strategies were developed based on community feedback and input from different City Departments. You can view workshop materials below:


    Open House Notice
    CAP Open House Boards – English
    CAP Open House Boards - Spanish 


    Kick-Off Community Meeting 

    kick off community meetingThe city hosted a kick-off meeting on May 31, 2016 at the Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church to introduce the Climate Action Plan and its purpose. The meeting summarized the background, scope, and goals of the project and discussed ways to participate throughout the planning process. You can view the materials from the meeting below:


    Public Workshop Notice
    CAP Poster Boards- English
    CAP Poster Boards- Spanish 



       For additional information, contact Anita Cerna, Senior Planner at 626-744-6767 or acerna@cityofpasadena.net  



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