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    The City of Pasadena is preparing a Climate Action Plan (CAP)! 

    A Climate Action Plan is a document that outlines ways in which the City can reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). On this webpage, you will find all the latest information about the development of the CAP, including:

    • Overview and Purpose of the CAP
    • Project Information
    • Information about public meetings and workshops 
    • Presentations and materials produced for public meetings and workshops
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Additional Resources 

    Please check back regularly for updates.


    Climate change is one of California’s most urgent environmental problems, and is considered a major global challenge for the 21st century. Driven primarily by GHG emissions from human activities, the global climate is changing as evidenced by higher air and ocean temperatures, reduction in the extent of sea ice, and rising sea levels. These changes in the global climate also have local impacts, such as heat waves, drought, and wildfire. In fact, the City of Pasadena is already experiencing some of these impacts.  

    In 2006, California became the first State to adopt a GHG reduction target through Assembly Bill (AB) 32. This Bill sets reduction target goals for California to reduce statewide emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. Executive Order B-30-1 establishes statewide mid-term reduction target of 40% below 1990 levels by 2030 and Executive Order S-3-05 establishes statewide GHG emission reduction target goals to achieve long-term climate stabilization (reduction of 80% below 1990 levels by 2050) 


      State Reduction Targets 


    What is Pasadena Doing to Address Climate Change? 

    In recent years, Pasadena has been a local leader in addressing climate change by putting in place, goals, policies and actions that are consistent with greenhouse gas mitigation.  

    In 2006, the City Council committed to becoming a member of ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, a network of over 1,000 cities, towns and metropolises committed ​to building​ a sustainable future.  


    Also in 2006, the City adopted a Green City Action Plan which provided a progressive list of environmental initiatives for the City to take in its quest to become a sustainable and green community. Click here to view the Green City Action Plan. 




    In 2007, the City joined a number of major California cities to create Green Cities California (GCC), a collaborative designed to cooperatively and collectively take action to accelerate local, regional, national, and international efforts to achieve sustainability.  




    In 2013, the City completed an inventory of GHG emissions and sources, including a 2009 baseline inventory of GHG emissions from municipal operations and communitywide activities, and a “business-as-usual” forecast for the years 2020 and 2035 if the City does not implement any new actions to reduce emissions. This is the first step to preparing a CAP.  Clickhere  to view the GHG Inventory. 


     How to Get Involved 

    Public participation is important in the development of the CAP. Over the course of the project, the City will be hosting several public workshops and public hearings to engage the community regarding the development of the CAP.  Your attendance at these public meetings is encouraged.  


     Public Workshop Notice 

     CAP Workshop Powerpoint Presentation

    CAP Poster Boards - English

     CAP Poster Boards - Spanish






    For Frequently Asked Questions, Click Here 

       For additional information, contact Ha Ly, Planner at 626-744-6743 or haly@cityofpasadena.net  



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