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    To Support the Pasadena Police Department with Citizen Volunteers


    The Pasadena Police Department Volunteer Services is comprised of dedicated citizen volunteers who support and further the mission of the Pasadena Police Department by nurturing, enhancing and sustaining the community bridge between the Department and the citizens it serves. Volunteer Services will remain a dynamic organization continually seeking new opportunities to serve the Department and the community. Currently five major programs support the Department:

    Citizens Assisting Pasadena Police (CAPP) – Specially trained volunteers who provide uniformed, non-enforcement services patrolling residential and commercial areas to provide extra “eyes and ears” for the Department. CAPP patrol Volunteers assist with city wide crime prevention efforts as well as Parade Watch, Operation Awareness and Safe Shopping

    Chaplain Corps - The Chaplain Corps is made up of ordained clergy from within the community who support to the Department in situations involving death, serious injury, suicide and domestic violence.

    Equestrian Unit - The Equestrian Unit provides uniformed patrol and surveillance in the Arroyo Seco recreation area and Pasadena foothills giving high police visibility in an area largely secluded from public view.

    Missing Persons Unit (MPU) - Volunteers who assist the Department by conducting missing persons investigations n Detectives.

    Community Response to Eradicate and Deter Identity Theft (CREDIT) - Volunteers assist victims of Identity theft by conducting investigations in fraud, sending letters to various financial entities, contacting outside jurisdictions, collecting evidence.

    General Volunteers - Volunteers who prefer to assist the Department in a variety of activities that take place either in the Department or at special events, rather than going out on patrol are called GVIPS. Some volunteers serve the Department as GVIPS as well as in other programs. Monitoring and otherwise assisting at special events such as the Safe Shopping Detail over the Christmas holiday, Car Show, National Night Out, Citizens Police Academy (CPA) classes, Police Awards Luncheon, Take Your Child To Work Day, SST Truancy Programs, PSS Park Watch, Traffic Rodeo, Helicopter Fly In, Neighborhood Watch Events, Crime Prevention and Service Area Meetings and other special or community events. Participating in Police Activities League (PAL) activities.

     ordonez For More Information:
    Officer Ralph Ordonez: (626)744-7652, ralphordonez@cityofpasadena.net 

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