• Mission Statement

    Our commitment is to provide timely and professional service to every call for help for the safety and security of the public. We are motivated, dedicated and trained professionals providing the vital link between citizens and the emergency assistance of police, fire and medical personnel. We embrace and infuse the values of pride, professionalism and integrity into all aspects of our operations.

    Program Description

    The communications section is responsible for:

    • Answering 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) telephone lines and other emergency and non-emergency telephone lines, obtaining pertinent information for dispatching of police vehicles.
    • Monitoring and operating the radio systems from mutual aide governmental frequencies
    • Operating radio consoles and an emergency telephone boards
    • Using communications and computer assisted dispatch equipment in accordance with established procedures
    • Working with departmental field personnel utilizing two-way radio; compiling data from rough drafts or brief instructions
    • Checking and reviewing a variety of data for completion and in conformance with established regulations and procedures
    • Performing system inquiries of California Law Enforcement Teletype System (CLETS), National Law Enforcement Teletype System (NLETS) and various other local, state and federal systems.
    • Monitoring and response to robbery alarms for city departments
    • Overseeing department telephone and voice mail systems
    • Managing of department issued cell phones, pagers, and portable radios.
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