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    The Pasadena Police Department’s Community Services Section is committed to providing our community with an array of ongoing and annual programs, presentations and special events intended to serve the entire community.  We endeavor to utilize technology and departmental resources to deliver information and increase the public’s awareness of the programs and services we offer.  We strive to provide a high level of service to a diverse community and promote the Pasadena Police Department’s organizational values. The Pasadena Way is the framework of our service and is the common thread bonding us together as community partners, relationships of which are built on trust, treating others with respect, and open communication.  


    Section Administrators

    Tracey Ibarra, Lieutenant
    (626) 744-6485

    Glenn Thompson, Sergeant
    Neighborhood Services Unit
    & Outreach Unit
    (626) 744-7694



    Contact your Neighborhood Police Specialist for information on:

    • Crime Prevention and Safety
    • Neighborhood Watch Programs
    • Neighborhood Presentations
    • Curbside Coffee & Chat
    • Crime Statistics
    • Crime Mapping
    • Citizens Police Academy
    • Kids Safety Academy
    • Annual Programs and Other Resources…

    Select “Service Area Maps” link to find your neighborhood and your representative. If you already know your PPD representative, click on the link that corresponds below.

    Service Area Maps Service                     Area Representatives

    West & East Pasadena                            Sarah Presley, Police Specialist IV
                                                                       (626) 744-7650

    Northwest Pasadena                                Hilda Jurado, Police Specialist IV
                                                                       (626) 744-7659

    Central & Midtown Pasadena                Karla Kauhola, Police Specialist IV
                                                                       (626) 744-7657


    The Community Outreach Unit promotes on-site, direct and open communications with residents.  The Unit strives to facilitate effective two-way communications about department policies, procedures and important issues that impact public safety. The Outreach Unit staff attends and provides input at a number of regular and ad hoc community meetings.  We also provide objectivity during instances of conflict between neighbors, offering suggestions and steps toward mediation and conflict resolution.  Outreach Officers also manage a variety of on-going and annual projects.

    To learn more about the services we provide, contact the Outreach Unit at:

    Darin Craddolph, Officer
    (626) 744-7656



    Pasadena PAL Logo 

    The Pasadena Police Department’s Police Activities League, in partnership with The Salvation Army-Pasadena, offers a positive atmosphere for elementary, middle, and high school students in the Pasadena area. During the school year, PAL provides transportation to its members from selected school campuses to the PAL center. Pasadena PAL has served over 3,000 youth and sponsored activities such as: arts & crafts, culinary arts, field trips, tutoring and personal development.

    During the school year our main focus is academic success. Each member is assigned a Youth Advisor and they are monitored throughout the school year. The goal of the Pasadena PAL Program is to help each member maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher. This is achieved through tutoring, school visits, and mentoring from the Youth Advisors.

    PAL offers its members a full summer program which includes swimming, beach trips, and exposure to cultural experiences. We also offer a variety of classes such as art, cooking, soccer, craft making, and Zumba. In addition, we also conduct girls and boys groups to talk about gender specific topics.

    If you would like to become a member of Pasadena PAL and are currently between the ages of 9-17 go to the Salvation Army’s Community Youth Center.
    Monday 12:00 - 5:00 p.m.; Tuesday - Friday 2:00 - 5:00 p.m.

    Visit our web page at: http://www.pasadenapal.com/ or call the Pasadena Police Activities League at: PAL Center (626) 356-9166

    PAL Director / Officer Roxanne Haines
    (626) 744-7653


    The Safe Schools Team mission is to provide a uniformed presence at the Pasadena Unified School District High Schools and Middle Schools and to foster a safe and secure environment for children and school staff.  The Safe Schools Team philosophy of “Intervention over Punishment” combines outreach and enforcement efforts to build relationships with students and create partnerships with campus administrators. This approach ensures that criminal behavior is addressed while providing an enhanced educational atmosphere for Pasadena youth attending Pasadena schools.

    To learn more about the services we provide, contact the Safe Schools Team Officers at: Office: (626) 744-7173 (Officers) or (626) 744-7694 (Supervisor)

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