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  • Traffic Education Programs

    School Education Program

    Pasadena Police Traffic Officers have regular traffic safety and education programs in our local high schools, both private and public. The focus of these classes is to better prepare young drivers for their first experiences on the road. The Pasadena Police Department recognizes that teenage drivers are 4 times more likely to get into a traffic accident than adult drivers and we want to do our part in reducing that chance.

    Our officers will also do a traffic safety presentation at any school that requests one, including elementary school. The Pasadena Police Department recognizes the strong, positive influence an officer in uniform can have on young people and would like to use that influence in a positive way to encourage young children to be careful when crossing the street, wear their seat belts, and wear their helmets when riding a bicycle.

    "Every 15 Minutes..."

    A very moving program for young adults, known as the "Every 15 Minutes" program is offered to local high schools to warn of the dangers of drunk driving. This program covers three days, but lasts a lifetime in the participants memory. On day 1, a student is taken from class "every 15 minutes", which represents the number of teenagers killed each year across the nation as a result of drunk driving related collisions. The students are hidden away until the end of the program. The patents of each student are notified by the police that their child was randomly chosen as a student who was killed. Even though it is a simulation, it has a devastating effect on the family. Over the remaining two days of the program, the other students and families learn a little of what it would be like to lose a loved one to a drunk driver. There is an actual memorial service in the auditorium which is the final part of the program. The program has been very successful across the nation in making a profound impact on all involved and bringing the number of alcoholic related collisions to participants way down. The program is costly to run, but is supported by various organizations around Pasadena. For more information on this program, or to make a donation, please contact the Traffic office at (626) 744-4590 or send an email to the Police Webmaster.

    Bicycle Rodeo

    The Traffic Section offers Bicycle Safety Programs for children, including giving away free bicycle helmets for participants. The program takes the form of a "rodeo", with special obstacle courses and off road riding to improve one's skill and safety awareness. For more information on the next rodeo, please contact the Traffic office at (626) 744-4590 or send an email to the Police Webmaster.

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