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    Choose Health LA Kids (CHLA Kids) is a part of the Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Initiative (ECOPI), a four-year initiative bringing together a broad range of partners to implement community-based public education, skills-building, and environmental changes that promote physical activity and healthy eating. The grant, funded by First 5 LA, targets the nearly one million LA County children 0-5 years of age and their families.

    The City of Pasadena Public Health Department (PPHD) will serve as one of two lead agencies working in the San Gabriel Valley. PPHD staff, in partnership with El Monte City School District, will provide nutrition and physical activity education and resources to families with children ages 0-5. Parents will receive nutrition education and develop leadership skills to share this information with their families and communities. 

    Choose Health LA Kids programs and services will be offered in Pasadena, Altadena, Monrovia, El Monte, South El Monte, North El Monte, San Gabriel, and Avocado Heights.

    CHLA Kids 



    Nutrition Education & Physical Activity Classes for Parents
    Interactive nutrition and physical activity education sessions will teach parents skills in basic nutrition and making healthy food choices, and give them resources they can use to start making healthy lifestyle changes for their families.

    Grocery Store Tours and Healthy Cooking Demonstrations
    In this interactive grocery store tour, parents will learn skills to make healthier food choices and read food labels, be introduced to new ingredients, and get answers to their food and nutrition questions. The healthy cooking demonstration will showcase healthy, easy, and fresh recipes that anyone can make.

    Parent Collaborative
    This partnership will give parents a voice in the community to make changes in the environment that will support the community’s efforts to make healthy lifestyle changes. Parents will be equipped with nutrition and physical activity resources to help them in the pursuit of the group’s goals.

    Choose Health LA Restaurant Program
    This program supports restaurants in their efforts to provide customers with smaller portion sizes, healthier options for children, and chilled water free of charge. Restaurants can volunteer to participate in this program to update their menu to include healthy children’s meal options. See more about the Choose Health LA Restaurant Program at http://youtu.be/yl5CXDB7mzs.


    Community Programs 


    Download a comprehensive guide of free and low-cost community resources. Services listed include health services, dental care, family planning, prenatal care, breastfeeding support, mental health, housing, support groups, recreational activities, and more.

    Community Food Assistance Programs


    For more information on Choose Health LA Kids, visit http://www.choosehealthla.com/kids/ 


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