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    The Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program is a FREE health promotion and disease prevention program for low-income children and youth in California.  Each health department in the state operates their own local CHDP program.  In Pasadena, the local CHDP program is overseen by the Pasadena Public Health Department.  The goal of CHDP is to prevent and find health problems early through well-child exams. 

    What does CHDP offer? 

    CHDP offers routine physical check-ups including all needed vaccines, hearing and vision screenings, dental screenings, lab work, health education and more! School, camp, Head Start, and foster care physicals are also available. If a problem is found during the check-up, a referral will be given.   

    Who is eligible? 

    • All Medi-Cal recipients from birth to age 21 
    • Uninsured children and youth from birth to age 19 with low-income households  (no documentation or residency required)
    • Children in foster care 


    State CHDP Website 

    CA CHDP Website

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    Find a CHDP Provider

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