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    Rolling blackouts can be caused by a variety of circumstances such as extreme high heat or interruption from one of the state's major power supplies. This summer, the primary concern for rolling blackouts may be caused by natural gas curtailments from SoCalGas.

    PWP is doing everything possible to avoid interruption to your electrical service. In fact, Pasadena has made great strides to ensure our energy portfolio is diverse with renewable and traditional sources. We are also working closely with our large commercial customers to reduce energy usage on days of extreme heat.

    Summer Heat is Here. Do Your Part.

    Pasadena will face periods of triple digit temperatures this summer. It is imperative that everyone does what they can to reduce consumption, particularly during extreme heat. Follow these tips to help do your part:

    Ways to reduce your energy usage: 

    • Sign-up for one of the many rebates and incentives PWP offers to our residential and commercial customers
    • Wait until after 6pm to operate major appliances
    • Turn off any unnecessary lights
    • Set your air conditioning to 78 degrees or higher
    • Turn your water heater down to 120° or the "normal" setting when home, and to the lowest setting when away
    • Close drapes and shades on windows that receive direct sunlight
    • Clean or replace your A/C filter: a dirty filter forces your air conditioner to work harder, wasting money and energy
    • Keep cool with ceiling fans: running a ceiling fan while your A/C is on (when you're at home) will allow you to raise your thermostat about 4°F while experiencing the same level of comfort
    • If it becomes too difficult to stay cool at home, visit a local Cooling Center (it is advisable that you call in advance to make sure there is still seating available)

    For more general energy conservation tips, visit our Save Energy page.  


    Rolling Blackouts

    Here are some key tips to help you prepare should a rolling blackout occur: 

    • Sign up for PWP’s Outage Management System- receive a phone call when power is out and when power is restored   
    • Sign up for Flex Alerts  
    • Have a back-up generator handy and tested, especially if you rely on a plug-in medical device
      •    Register with your qualified medical device with Pasadena Medical Assistance Program 
        • Plug electrical devices into the back-up generator using a heavy duty extension cord
        • Do not connect the output of your back-up generator directly to your home wiring or service panel
        • Please read and understand the manufacturer's instructions for the back-up generator before it is connected to your electrical circuits
    • Notify PWP's Customer Service team that you rely on a medical plug-in device by calling 626.744.4005
    • Also bookmark and check the City’s main homepage www.cityofpasadena.net for important citywide emergency info and updates
    • Have an emergency preparedness kit in your home, car and office

    CAISO Alerts and Warnings

  • No active notices

  • Flex Alert Notices

    Flex Alert LogoA Flex Alert is a call for consumers to conserve electricity during heat waves when power use outstrips electricity supply. It also calls for conservation during other challenging grid conditions, such as when power plants or power lines are unexpectedly unavailable, making electricity deliveries difficult. 

     To learn more and to sign up to receive alerts directly to your mobile or email, visit the Flex Alert website.  

  • CANCEL Flex Alert Notice

    NOTICE 201602211: Flex Alert STATEWIDE 07/28/2016 14:00 through 07/28/2016 21:00

    CANCEL Flex Alert Notice

    NOTICE 201602207: Flex Alert STATEWIDE 07/27/2016 14:00 through 07/27/2016 21:00

  • Anticipated Impacts from Natural Gas Curtailments

    Pasadena, along with a number of other utilities in the Los Angeles, relies on natural gas to help generate local power supply. Pasadena is aggressively exploring alternative power sources to address the potential shortage of natural gas.

    Providing you with safe and reliable power remains one of our top priorities. However, it is important to recognize that depending on weather conditions and the community's ability to conserve energy, anticipated cutbacks on natural gas supplies from the Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility could lead to rotating outages (AKA "rolling blackouts") this summer.

    PWP could also be required to participate in rolling blackouts when necessary to maintain reliability of the regional grid, even if all our generation resources are available and operating.

    While PWP strives to keep customers informed about the possibility of rolling blackouts, system conditions can change quickly and unpredictably. Furthermore, we not publicly announce the specific location or boundaries of current or expected outages for your safety and security. To learn more, visit http://conserveenergysocal.com/ 


     Cooling Centers  

     FlexAlert.org - Save Energy To Prevent Power Shortages  

     RedCross.org - Power Outage Checklist  

     BePreparedCalifornia.ca.gov - Safety in a Power Outage  

     Ready.gov - Power Outage Safety  


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