Pasadena Water & Power

Pasadena Medical Assistance Program

Do you rely on a plug-in medical device? If so, it is important that PWP is aware so that we can coordinate with public safety for emergency-related response efforts. 

PWP also offers a $7.50 monthly bill credit for customers who use a qualified medical device. Registration is required, learn more

To register your plug-in device with Customer Service for emergency-related response efforts, please follow these steps:

1. Ensure your plug-in device must meet the qualifying medical devices listed below:   

  • aerosol tents
  • apnea monitors
  • compressors or concentrators
  • electrostatic or ultrasonic nebulizers
  • electric nerve stimulators 
  • hemodialysis machines
  • intermittent positive pressure breathing machines
  • iron lungs
  • kidney dialysis machines
  • pressure pads
  • pressure pumps
  • respirators
  • suction machines

2. Submit by mail a doctor’s note (on letterhead) to the following address along with the requested details below: 

Pasadena Water and Power    
Medical Assistance Program 
100 N Garfield Ave., Room N106 
P.O. Box 7121  
Pasadena CA, 91109-7121 

Please include the following information with your doctor's note:

  1. Are you registered to receive outage alerts? Customers can receive a call when their power is out and a call back to notify when power is restored. Click here to register 
  2. How long do you rely on the plug-in medical device? Hours per day ________
  3. Do you have a back-up generator? Y or N
  4. If you have a generator, do you know if your generator has enough capacity to power a back-up device? Y or N

Questions? Call us at (626)744-4731 for more assistance.




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