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Smart Controller Direct Installation Pilot Program


Sky Drop Controller 

UPDATE: The Smart Controller Direct Installation Pilot Program has ended. To contact the program team, please email us at water@cityofpasadena.net, or call us at 626-744-7926.    

Pasadena Water and Power launched the Smart Controller Direct Installation Pilot Program in 2016, offering qualifying applicants the opportunity to have a smart controller installed AT NO COST. 

The Skydrop Smart Controller collects climate data from local weather stations along with other data inputs, such as soil type and sprinkler head type, to tailor an irrigation system for optimal settings. Using these inputs, the smart controller establishes a watering cycle for your landscape with the goal of eliminating any unnecessary watering. This state-of-the-art technology also provides customers with access to outdoor water use reports and the flexibility to manage the watering schedule remotely at any time.

PWP will work with the selected pilot participants to assess the benefits of the program over 12 months. Program participants will be exempt from the city’s outdoor watering restrictions for the duration of the pilot.  

Participation Requirements for the Smart Controller Direct Install Pilot Program: 

  • Must be a PWP water customer (residential or commercial)
  • Must have a water usage above 200 gallons per day 
  • Must have a traditional irrigation system. (Customers who have drip irrigation do not qualify.) 
  • Must have 50% or more of existing landscape as turf (planted grass) 
  • Must not have installed a weather based irrigation controller within the last year 
  • Must have Wi-Fi signal that extends across the landscape


Interested in Purchasing a Smart Controller?

Although the Smart Controller Direct Installation Program has ended, there is still a rebate available with the purchase of a smart controller. View the qualifying models that are eligible for the rebate here and apply for the rebate here.

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