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Pasadena Water and Power has partnered with EFI to provide special discounts to our residential customers. Purchase LED light bulbs at nearly half the cost and from the comfort of your own home. With nearly a dozen LED light bulbs to choose from, you can easily find the LED bulbs that meet your household needs. The WebShop now also offers LED holiday string lights and advanced power strips at a discounted price.

Click below to get started. When you’re ready to purchase, simply enter your PWP account number (displayed on your utility bill) -- at check out you will see the cost of each bulb is greatly discounted. That’s because PWP will discount $5.00 off each LED light bulb and offer significant savings on other products such as smart thermostats and advanced power strips. Rebate limits on WebShop products apply, visit the site below for more details. 

Webshop June 2017 


or to place an order via telephone, call EFI toll-free at  




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