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Pasadena Water & Power

  • Arlington Gardens Feb. 2015 

    Free Workshops from PWP



    Saturday, October 21
    Lake Avenue Church
    393 N. Lake Avenue
    9 - 11 a.m.

    PWP is offering our customers the opportunity to easily purchase a rain barrel and pick it up at a one-day distribution event. Rain barrels must be purchased in advance by October 21, 2017 and picked up at Lake Avenue Church from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

    Purchase your rain barrel on the Rain Barrels International website.

    The cost of a rain barrel is $65 but will be FREE with a rebate from Metropolitan Water District and PWP.

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    L2L Greywater Workshop


    or call (626) 744-6970

    At the monthly greywater training workshop, participants will receive a greywater voucher toward the purchase of greywater system parts. PWP has partnered with Landscape Warehouse in Pasadena to redeem the greywater vouchers and provide assistance for the parts needed to install a Laundry-to-Landscape (L2L) greywater system. HOAs with detached condo units are also now eligible to participate in the L2L program, and receive onsite technical consults and incentives. 

    To learn more about greywater systems, visit our Greywater Program page.

     Note: You will be redirected to the Citizen Service Center page. Click "Submit a Service Request." Under "Request Type" click "Reservation." Then under "Select a Topic" scroll to "Water and Power - Events" and select the L2L Greywater Program Workshop. Please note: Workshops are limited to 20 participants. After registering, you will receive an email confirmation with an application for the Laundry-to-Landscape (L2L) greywater program.     

    Please complete the application (click here for application) and submit via email to greywater@cityofpasadena.net or mail to the address provided on the application.  PWP partnered with Landscape Warehouse in Pasadena to redeem the greywater vouchers and provide assistance for the parts needed to install a L2L greywater system. Income qualified customers can apply to participate in our direct install program (click here for application). Funds available on a limited basis.   


    Residential Turf Removal Classes

    Sponsored by Metropolitan Water District


    Converting a lawn into a drought-tolerant landscape will help lower a water bill and support long-term water conservation efforts. Turf removal involves the process of eliminating living grass and replacing it with a low-water-using landscape.

    The FREE Residential Turf Removal Class will teach participants how to:

    • Remove existing grass
    • Plan a garden design
    • Prepare the soil
    • Incorporate a water-efficient irrigation system
    • Plant climate-appropriate plants
    • Maintain a new drought-tolerant landscape


     During PWP events, photographs or videos are often taken for use in PWP marketing materials. By being present during these public events, you consent to use of your appearance or likeness by PWP. To ensure the privacy of individuals or children, images will not be identified using names or personal identifying information without approval from the person being photographed, parent or legal guardian.  

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