MEASURES R, S, and T: Pasadena Charter Amendments


On March 5, 2024, Pasadena residents will have a choice. The three ballot measures allow voters to decide whether to amend the City Charter. The measures enable the City to update outdated codes, adapt to changes, eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy, and ensure that resources are used effectively, ultimately saving money and benefiting the community as a whole.

Measure R

  • Is NOT a new tax.
  • Does NOT increase taxes.
  • Does NOT increase utilities.
  • Does NOT increase the amount of the General Fund Transfer; in fact, it maintains a 4% REDUCTION in the utility transfer approved by voters in 2020.

What will Measure R do?

  •  It will require updating the Pasadena accounting method to align with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for financial transparency and public accountability. It will ensure consistency and accuracy in financial reporting, enhancing the City's financial practices.
  • The proposed update to the accounting method will lead to improved financial management and the ability to allocate resources to essential services such as 911 response, fire, paramedic, public health, street repairs, and senior and homeless services.
  • It will require clerical corrections related to outdated language and updated codes to ensure the City Charter is clear, accurate, and up-to-date.

Supporters: Pasadena Mayor Gordo; Former Mayors Bogaard and Tornek; Former City Manager Kurtz; Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Little
Opponents: None Submitted

Measure R Ballot Question

Measure S

  • REQUIRES City Council to set limits for procurements, claims, and settlements.
  • MAINTAINS accountability and transparency.
  • MAINTAINS Reporting Requirements.
  • MAINTAINS Contract Review Processes.

What will Measure S do for Pasadena?

  • Measure S will maintain financial controls over contracts, maintain oversight, improve City response, and enhance efficiency in the execution of contracts that benefit Pasadena residents and businesses.
  • Measure S will streamline the procurement process and eliminate a burdensome process on the vendor and the City, allowing for more efficient handling of contracts to save time and money.

Does Measure S require the City Council to set limits?

  • Yes. Measure S will require the City Council to set limits by ordinance for contracts, purchases, and claim approvals.

Will there be controls on spending in place?

  • Yes. Measure S will maintain required audits and oversight. The amendments will help identify inefficiencies, unnecessary expenses, and potential waste, ensuring that public funds are used wisely and that projects are executed within budget.
  • Measure S will enable the City to exercise more effective control over financial choices pertaining to contracts, claims, and settlements. The amendment provided by  Measure S aims to prevent potential misuse or financial mismanagement, minimize costly delays, and help the City save money.

Supporters: Pasadena Mayor Gordo; Former Mayor Bogaard; Local Business Owner Gale Kohl; Former City Manager Kurtz; Chamber President Little
Opponents: None Submitted

Measure S Ballot Question

Measure T

  • Will SAVE taxpayer money by keeping projects within budget.
  • Will HELP complete projects in a timely manner.
  • Will MAINTAIN compliance requirements.
  • Will REQUIRE oversight and accountability.
  • Will IMPROVE fiscal responsibility.

What is Measure T?

It is a Charter amendment that allows the City to create alternative contract selection methods that can be more efficient and equally transparent and accountable for bidding and delivering public Capital improvements.

How will it save money?

  • By streamlining the contract selection process and incorporating alternative project delivery methods, the City will optimize project costs. This will result in savings for taxpayers as projects are completed on time and within budget, with effective oversight to prevent wasteful spending.
  • The amendment will maintain oversight and accountability to the contract selection process that ensures major decisions related to Capital Improvement Projects undergo careful City Council consideration and evaluation.
  • The amendment will attract a broader range of vendors and contractors, fostering increased competition, leading to better quality services and innovative solutions, and getting the best value for its investments.

What does alternative project delivery mean?

  • The alternative project delivery method is designed to expedite the project, resulting in significant time savings. It allows the City to adapt to industry best practices that lead to practical and modern approaches to project management and contract selection while complying with rules and regulations.

Can local businesses benefit from Measure T?

  • Allowing for additional contract selection methods, particularly those that improve the chances of hiring local businesses, contributes to the community's economic development. This can create job opportunities and stimulate the local economy.

Supporters: Pasadena Mayor Gordo; Former Mayors Bogaard and Tornek; Former City Manager Kurtz; Local Resident & Advocate Nina Chomsky
Opponents: None Submitted