Liability and Claims

The Liability Division within the City Attorney/City Prosecutor’s Department is responsible for the recommendation of appropriate Risk Management Techniques to mitigate, avoid, transfer or accept risk of property damage and/or bodily injury; investigate and resolve, either through settlement or rejection, liability claims presented against the City by administering the City’s self-insured liability pre-litigation claims program. This division also monitors claim trends to identify where the highest potential for liability exists and determine how best to transfer or avoid the risk. In addition, the division purchases and renews liability and excess workers compensation insurance policies citywide and works with outside brokers to ensure appropriate insurance policies are purchased providing adequate coverage.

Division Specific Programs

  • Handle liability claims from intake through resolution by investigating allegations and either negotiating settlement or rejecting claim
  • Collaborate with City departments to mitigate risk and potential liability based on claims trends
  • Review current insurance against potential risks to determine adequacy of insurance programs, coverages and limits
  • Renew and purchase insurance coverages to ensure the City is adequately protected in event of catastrophic loss and/or claims by third parties
  • Review indemnity and insurance language within contracts and agreements to ensure compliance with City’s insurance requirements
  • Review for approval insurance submitted by vendors, permittees, licensees, and contractors

How to File a Claim

Before starting the claim process, please be sure you are filing your claim with the appropriate entity. For your convenience, there are two ways you can submit your claim to us:

  • SUBMIT YOUR CLAIM ONLINE: You may file your claim entirely online. You will be prompted through the process and can upload images and files to support or document your claim. Please have all documentation ready before you begin.
  • SUBMIT A FORM to the City Clerk’s Office in person or by U.S. Mail. To submit your claim via these measures, please access the CLAIM FOR DAMAGES FORM (PDF). Review the Claims Information Sheet in its entirety before completing the form and including all supporting documentation. Submit as specified in the Claims Information Sheet.