Ticket Policy Reports (Form 802)

Ticket Policy Report and Tickets Provided by Agency Reports

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State law requires that public agencies report the distribution of tickets to public officials for entertainment events. The City’s adopted policy provides guidelines under which a ticket or pass distributed by the City to its officials will not be treated as a gift to the official under the Political Reform Act and the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) regulations. Tickets may be provided to a public official if it is determined that the official will use, or direct the use of, the ticket for a public purpose; or the public official treats the ticket as income in accordance with state and federal income tax laws.

In accordance with the provision set forth by the FPPC and California Code of Regulations, Section 18944.1, the City is required to disclose on its website all complimentary tickets distributed to its officials for public purpose, as well as those which the official will treat as income.

Additional Information and Related Materials:

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2012 Tickets Provided by Agency Reports Form 802
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Tickets Provided by Agency Reports (form 802)

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