Public Comment

In order to facilitate public participation at meetings held solely by electronic means,
the City will accept public comment in the following manner:

Speaker Card can be submitted for the meeting on

NOTE TO PUBLIC FOR SPECIAL MEETINGS: Pursuant to the Brown Act, public comment for special meetings is limited to items on the special meeting agenda only. Those wishing to address the City Council during a special meeting must note the related agenda item on the speaker card submission form.

Speaker Card

During the meeting, members of the public may provide live public comment by submitting a speaker card prior to the start of public comment on that item.

If a public comment speaker wishes to speak on more than one agenda item, please indicate so on the online form (multiple item speakers will be handled according to the process posted on the agenda and as specified in the City Council meeting policy).  Public comments are limited to 3 minutes each, and the Mayor and City Council may limit this time if reasonable under the circumstances.

After submitting a public speaker card, join the virtual meeting after the published start time with a computer, other electronic device, or by telephone. The same name or telephone number on the Speaker Card must be used for the virtual meeting in order to locate and unmute the speaker.

Computer or electronic devices, join the meeting at:

Telephone only dial-in: 1-669-900-6833 / Meeting ID: 161 482 446

Speaker Card Help

If a public comment speaker needs assistance in completing a speaker card, please contact the City Clerk's Office as soon as possible at:

(626) 744-4124


Members of the public may submit correspondence of any length prior to the start of the meeting, at the following email address:

The Speaker Card form is currently closed for submissions.
The form will open on Thursday evening at 5:00 p.m. ahead of the next regular meeting of the City Council. For questions, please contact the City Clerk's Office at or (626) 744-4124