2013 Annual Report


Pasadena in 2013 experienced remarkable success and advancement on many projects and initiatives thanks to the leadership and dedication of the Pasadena City Council and the outstanding work and focus on customer service by City employees.

We maintained a fiscal strength that is the envy of many other cities throughout California and the nation which enabled us to make significant investments in the City’s infrastructure and improvements to key assets such as Fire Stations 32 and 39, our parks and the Glenarm Power Facility.

In 2013, we opened the first City-run Public Health Dental Clinic in California; completed the third phase of the $181 million renovation of the iconic Rose Bowl Stadium; partnered with the Pasadena Unified School District and local organizations to improve student outcomes and strengthen our neighborhoods, and we worked with our colleges and business leaders to attract new, high-tech entrepreneurs and innovative companies.

We continued to invest in our local parks and expand the Public Library’s digital resources; we built affordable housing projects and deployed environmentally friendly buses, refuse trucks and other vehicles. We responded to thousands of calls for help, day and night, when residents needed us the most. I’m proud of these and all of the many other accomplishments we achieved in 2013, but none of this could have happened without our employees, the City’s most valuable resource. We are truly an exceptional organization and, I believe, one of the finest cities in the country.

Too often, organizational leaders and annual reports focus on just the facts and figures, the bottom line financial data and program measurements that are used to document the past and chart the future. While such measures are important, as City Manager, one of my key initiatives is to make sure we never forget the human side of the equation that begins—and ends—with us as an organization of people serving people.

Our focus on customer service becomes even more apparent during the last few months of every year when the world comes to Pasadena to enjoy our New Year’s celebrations with the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl Game. Pasadena, a relatively small city of about 140,000 residents, is elevated to an international level and the contributions made by City employees are vital to ensuring the world sees Pasadena as the very best that our great nation offers. Year after year, our employees rise to this monumental task that would be daunting, and most likely impossible, for cities even 10 times our size, yet we gladly do it and do it all with smiles and “can do” enthusiasm.

In that spirit, I submit this Annual Report on behalf of the Mayor and City Council to our residents, businesses, employees and other community stakeholders.


Michael J. Beck, City Manager

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City of Pasadena 2013 Annual Report