Annual Brush Clearance Inspections for 2014 Underway!

The Pasadena Fire Department began brush clearance inspections on April 1, 2014 and will continue inspections through June 2014.



Fire Department BadgeThe Pasadena Fire Department began brush clearance inspections on April 1, 2014 and will continue inspections through June 2014.  Residents in high prone brush areas should receive a brochure outlining the requirements mandated by the State of California to keep you and your neighbors safe.  Firefighters will be available to answer any questions you may have about our existing fire codes and ordinances regarding hazardous vegetation management and brush clearance.  We are experiencing drought condition so compliance is stressed to avoid devastating fire conditions.

A Defensible Space of 100 feet around your home is required by law.  The goal is to protect your home while providing a safe area for firefighters.

Clearing an area of 30 feet immediately surrounding your home is critical. This area requires the greatest reduction in flammable vegetation.

The fuel reduction zone in the remaining 70 feet (or to property line) will depend on the steepness of your property and the vegetation.  Spacing between plants improves the chance of stopping a wildfire before it destroys your home. You have two options in this area:  Create horizontal and vertical spacing between plants. The amount of space will depend on how steep the slope is and the size of the plants. Large trees do not have to be cut and removed as long as all of the plants beneath them are removed. This eliminates a vertical “fire ladder.”

When clearing vegetation, use care when operating equipment such as lawnmowers. One small spark may start a fire; a string trimmer is much safer. Remove all build – up of needles and leaves from your roof and gutters. Keep tree limbs trimmed at least 10 feet from any chimneys and remove dead limbs that hang over your home or garage. The law also requires a screen over your chimney outlet.  Other Fire Safety recommendations include cleaning leaves, needles and twigs from roof gutters, soaking trees and shrubs monthly to maintain leaf moisture content, pruning trees properly, keeping your property free of accumulated combustibles such as dried vegetation, cuttings and wood piles and mulch flat planting areas three inches deep to suppress weeds.

For further information please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at (626) 744-4668.

NEWS MEDIA CONTACT: Lisa Derderian, Fire Department PIO, (626) 744-7276 (office), (626) 945-5169 (cell),

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