City of Pasadena Announces New Police Department False Alarm Billing Company

PASADENA, Calif.— On Tuesday, January 23, 2024, the City of Pasadena will begin using a third-party partner, Central Square Corporation, for the management of its alarm permitting and billing. The partnership includes a website using Central Square Corporation’s proprietary software, CryWolf, to facilitate alarm permitting, billing and appeals. Central Square Corporation will administer all false alarm notifications, billing and collections for the City. The program will help to encourage alarm users and alarm companies to maintain the proper working order of alarm systems. The new software service will improve the reliability of alarms, and the readiness of public safety resources to better serve the community. 

In calendar years 2022 and 2023, the Pasadena Police Department responded to approximately 4,800 and 4,300 respectively, incidents relating to false alarms, unintentional alarm system activation, system malfunctions, and other types of false alarms. Effectively processing false alarm fees helps to reduce responses to false alarms and allows police department resources to respond to actual emergencies. 

Pasadena Municipal Code (PMC) 5.24.040 requires that City residents and businesses with an installed alarm system purchase an alarm permit from the City of Pasadena. The alarm permit covers a one-year period and expires on a one-year cycle on February 1st. The fee for the permit is prorated based on the application date and is adjusted annually on July 1st.   

PMC Section 5.24.110 (a) establishes a fee for police response to two or more false burglar alarms in a twelve-month period. A false alarm is defined by PMC as “an alarm signal that is activated by causes other than the commission or attempted commission of an unlawful act which the alarm system is designed to detect, necessitating a response by the Police Department where an emergency situation does not exist.” An alarm signal activated by violent conditions of nature or other extraordinary circumstances not subject to the control of the alarm subscriber, shall not constitute a false alarm. 

PMC Section 5.24.070 (a) requires that an alarm company is responsible for ensuring that an alarm system is registered prior to installation whether the registration is completed by the alarm user or the alarm company. Failure to ensure an alarm system is properly registered will result in the assessment of civil penalties to the alarm business that maintains the contract with the alarm user.

Central Square Corporation will begin working with the City of Pasadena on January 23, 2024. Alarm companies can register their clients online with City of Pasadena’s False Alarm Reduction Program at or at its customer service phone number: (626) 744-7998. 

If you have any questions or for information regarding the registration of alarm systems and false alarm fees for the City of Pasadena, contact Central Square Corporation at (626) 744-7998.  Customer support is available from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. For general questions concerning the false alarm program with city staff, contact the City of Pasadena Finance Department at (626) 744-4291.  

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