City of Pasadena Approves Stimulus Effort to Support Utility Customers

PASADENA, Calif.—The City of Pasadena City Council approved a plan to issue rebate checks to all Pasadena electric customers—both residents and businesses—in the coming weeks. At the April 6 City Council meeting, councilmembers approved suspension of the collection of the Utility Underground Surtax (UUG) for a period of six months, and approved a proposal to refund all electric customers an amount equal to the UUG Surtax for a two-year period from April 2018 through March 2020. Former customers having paid the surtax during this period would also be eligible for rebates. The total estimated value of the rebates exceeds $11 million.

“These efforts are some of the many ways in which the City is working to minimize the financial burden to the Pasadena community during the novel coronavirus outbreak. Providing direct rebates will be the fastest way to ensure that every electric customer receives some financial relief," said City Manager Steve Mermell.

All current residential and commercial electric customers can expect to receive a rebate check for the UUG Surtax within four to five weeks. Those who were Pasadena electric customers in the past two years but who no longer have an account will receive information on how to apply for their refund if their new address is known.

To further provide financial relief, councilmembers also approved a proposal to temporarily stop collection of the UUG Surtax for six months, resulting in about a 4% lower utility bill for most electric customers.

Financial efforts began in March to provide relief from COVID-19 when City Council took action to suspend the accrual of any Pasadena Water and Power (PWP) late fees and penalties on delinquent utility bills until further notice. Additionally, any PWP customer in delinquent status would not experience shutoff to their water or electric service until further notice.

For information on additional benefits PWP offers to low-income customers and those who rely on medical devices, visit

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