New Presale Self-Certification Program

PASADENA, Calif.—The City of Pasadena Planning & Community Development Department is excited to announce the launch of its new Presale Self-Certification Program! The Presale Self-Certification Program will go live April 1.

On January 28, 2019, City Council approved an ordinance that would replace the current Occupancy Inspection Program with the Presale Self-Certification Program. The Occupancy Inspection Program was adopted in the early 1970’s in an effort to improve the City’s housing stock, requiring a City inspection and approval prior to the sale of any single-family residential home or duplex. In response to a significant improvement in the City’s housing stock and changes in the real estate environment, it was necessary to revamp the program to meet today’s needs.

The new Presale Self-Certification Program allows for a self-certification option on eligible properties but will continue to address the most critical life and safety violations while minimizing delays to the real estate transaction.

Prior to the close of escrow for the sale of a single-family residential home or duplex, the owner is responsible for obtaining a Presale Certificate of Completion or a Presale Certificate of Inspection. Properties meeting eligibility requirements for a Presale Certificate of Completion (City inspection not required) are eligible for self-certification. Properties not eligible for a Presale Certificate of Completion require a Presale Certificate of Inspection (City inspection required).

To be eligible for a Presale Certificate of Completion, a property must not have any open code compliance cases. In addition, the application for a Presale Certificate of Completion requires the owner to self-certify the following:

  • Property’s actual square footage of living space does not exceed the LA County Assessor’s record by 10% or greater;
  • Property meets fire prevention, detection and exiting requirements; and
  • Property does not have any unpermitted new construction, additions, conversions or accessory structures greater than 120 square feet.

Visit to get everything you need to complete your presale application. The new user-friendly web portal will navigate you through the application process allowing you to obtain the required Presale Certificate of Completion or schedule a City inspection (if required).

Contact Israel Del Toro at (626) 744-7138 or with any questions about the Presale Self-Certification Program.

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