Pasadena Fire Paramedic Subscription Program & Billing Policies

Pasadena Fire Paramedics helping a kid into a wheeled stretcherPASADENA, Calif. - Pasadena Fire prides itself on providing fire protection and Advanced Life Support services, including Paramedic ambulance transport services, to all community members. We want to ensure that our community is aware of all of our policies and procedures with these services:

  • When the City of Pasadena through Pasadena Fire, or another agency, transports an individual in an ambulance, there is a cost associated with that service. That cost would exist regardless of whether the city provides its own ambulance transport or contracts with a private ambulance company for this service. Any costs billed to a resident are designed to cover the actual costs associated with the service provided; as a government agency, Pasadena Fire does not—and cannot—make any profit on these services.
  • The City of Pasadena accepts all forms of insurance. If you have questions about your individual coverage or limits, contact your insurance company directly. Please know that any disputes over billing, deductibles, billing process, and whether certain services are in- or out-of-network must be handled with your insurance company.
  • When there is a demonstrated financial hardship, the City of Pasadena remains committed to collaborate with community members to evaluate all options to assist with payment of fees. This includes establishing smaller monthly payment plans in an attempt to prevent the collections process. The City also has a fee waiver process for residents who do not have the means to pay their bill. Any member of the community in the need of a financial hardship exception, should contact the Pasadena Fire Department EMS Division 626-744-4652.
  • In December 2022, Pasadena implemented the Paramedic Subscription Program. Under the program, residents can subscribe annually to have fees associated with ambulance transport not covered by insurance paid for through the subscription program. Residents must opt-in at to join the program; residents who have not previously joined the program cannot retroactively join to cover prior costs. We invite any members of the community who have not yet registered for this program to do so.
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