Pasadena Water and Power Issues Notice of Public Hearing for Water Rate Adjustments

Public Hearing Scheduled for March 14

PASADENA, Calif.—Pasadena City Council will hold a public hearing on Monday, March 14, at 5 p.m. via videoconference/teleconference to consider the adoption of proposed water rate increases, adjustments to existing rate structures, and a change in capital improvement charges. The public is encouraged to participate via videoconference/teleconference and submit public comment. Earlier this week, Pasadena Water and Power (PWP) mailed a public hearing notice to all water customers. The notice includes recommended rate adjustment information as well as details regarding the public hearing.

PWP is committed to providing reliable and high-quality water to the community, and is recommending the water rate adjustments in an effort to continue excellent service. The proposed increases will help cover rising costs for purchasing and treating water, and provide funding for critical improvements to reservoirs, treatment facilities and other water infrastructure. Pending City Council approval, the water rates will increase by an average of 7.1% on April 1, 2022. A second adjustment of 7.2% would take effect on Jan. 1, 2023.

While individual customer bill impacts will vary based on water meter size and amount of water used, projected cost estimates show most residential customers will likely see a $3 increase in their monthly bill starting April 1, and an additional $4 monthly increase on Jan. 1. Based on similar modeling, PWP estimates that commercial customers are likely to see a $19 and $20 increase, respectively.

“The proposed water rate adjustments are the result of a number of factors, including our aging infrastructure which is in need of critical and proactive updates. We're also experiencing severe statewide drought conditions, and that's impacting both water supply and operational costs,” says Jeffrey Kightlinger, interim general manager. “PWP is a community-owned, not-for-profit utility, and invests revenue generated in the provision of services and infrastructure improvements to serve our customers. This adjustment is necessary to cover increasing costs so that we can continue to deliver water to the high standards that our customers expect and deserve.”

Pasadena City Council recently approved a new Water System and Resources Plan that outlines the City’s long-term plans and priorities for securing its water supply and investing in infrastructure, some of which is currently over 100 years old. In addition, California’s ongoing severe drought conditions may affect water supply and conservation efforts in the years to come.

For more information on water rate adjustments and the upcoming public hearing, please visit the PWP website.

About Pasadena Water and Power
PWP provides electricity to more than 65,000 customers within Pasadena. PWP delivers water to nearly 38,000 households and businesses in Pasadena and adjacent communities in the San Gabriel Valley. As a community-owned utility, PWP is a not-for-profit public service owned and operated by the City of Pasadena for the benefit of its customers and the community. Its priorities are reliability, responsiveness to customers, reasonable rates and environmental stewardship.

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