PWP New Power Generator Is Operational

PWP recently completed the Glenarm Repowering Project, an extensive power plant upgrade that includes the replacement of a 51-year old steam generating unit, Broadway 3, with a more efficient combined-cycle turbine unit known as Gas Turbine 5 (GT-5). Now fully operational, GT-5 provides Pasadena with 71 MW of clean, natural-gas fueled power that is the most efficient and environmentally “clean” unit in its class.

GT-5’s quick-start capability provides Pasadena with the flexibility needed to help maintain electric reliability as it can generate power within minutes as opposed to the 72-hour start-up time needed for Broadway 3. It also operates at the lowest emissions limits of any generator of its kind.

With a combination of flexibility, efficiency and low emissions, GT-5 provides the upgraded infrastructure needed to embrace advances in renewable resources while generating local, reliable power. The project is a key component of PWP’s Power Integrated Resource Plan, which sets a 20-year strategy to provide reliable and environmentally responsible electric service to Pasadena while reducing dependence on outside energy sources.

PWP will unveil the project in a ribbon-cutting ceremony in late February. For more information on the Glenarm Repowering Project, visit