Proposed Amendments to Cannabis Retail Regulations

PASADENA, Calif.—On Wednesday, Nov. 13, the Planning Commission will consider amendments to the City’s existing cannabis business regulations to allow all six of the top-scoring applicants the opportunity to establish retail dispensaries at locations that comply with all state-mandated requirements while maintaining and preserving the buffers from sensitive uses as approved by Pasadena’s voters. “I have initiated a process for the Planning Commission and the City Council to consider a change to local law that would allow the six highest-rated... continue reading »"Proposed Amendments to Cannabis Retail Regulations"

City of Pasadena Releases Cannabis Applications and Scoring

PASADENA, Calif.—Last week, the six highest-scoring commercial cannabis applicants were announced. Their applications, along with scoring sheets, are now posted on the City’s website. “Minimal redactions have been made to the applications to comply with law and privacy. The six highest-scoring applicants are the best qualified in this extremely regulated arena and are sufficiently capitalized to deliver the highest quality operations,” said City Manager Steve Mermell. All six applicants have committed to community benefits, which was part of the scoring criteria... continue reading »"City of Pasadena Releases Cannabis Applications and Scoring"

City of Pasadena Releases Cannabis Application Selection Results

PASADENA, Calif.—The City of Pasadena has completed the review and scoring of applications received for commercial cannabis retailer permits. The following are the six top-scoring applicants: Applicant Name Points Possible Points Awarded Score Integral Associates Dena, LLC 1,575 1,492 94.73% Tony Fong 1,575 1,473 93.52% The Atrium Group, LLC 1,575 1,468 93.21% Harvest of Pasadena, LLC 1,575 1,467 93.14% SweetFlower Pasadena, LLC 1,575 1,465 93.02% MME Pasadena Retail, LLC 1,575 1,459 92.63%   “We would like to recognize and congratulate... continue reading »"City of Pasadena Releases Cannabis Application Selection Results"