Community Members Invited to Playhouse Village Parking Open House Feb. 22

PASADENA, Calif.—The City of Pasadena is hosting a parking open house Wednesday, Feb. 22, at 790 E. Colorado Blvd. in the ground floor conference center for community members to learn more about the proposed paid parking program in Playhouse Village and to showcase pay station options to be installed at on-street parking locations. Members of the public have the option to attend the morning open house, 9-11 a.m., or the evening open house, 4-6 p.m. City staff and parking professionals... continue reading »"Community Members Invited to Playhouse Village Parking Open House Feb. 22"

City of Pasadena Issues Red Flag Warning and Parking Restrictions

PASADENA, Calif.—Interim Pasadena Fire Chief Bryan Frieders has directed the activation of Red Flag Parking Restrictions within the city. This alert is effective at 11 a.m. on Monday, October 26, and will be in effect until further notice. A Red Flag Warning means that critical fire weather conditions are expected. This, in combination with dry fuels, could create extreme fire danger and/or fire behavior. Please use caution with potential fire sources. In order to allow for improved fire department access... continue reading »"City of Pasadena Issues Red Flag Warning and Parking Restrictions"

City of Pasadena Temporarily Modifies Parking Policy

[UPDATE: All parking restrictions resumed October 1, 2020] PASADENA, Calif.—In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Parking Division of the Department of Transportation is implementing the following temporary modifications to parking policy in an effort to reduce the financial burden on residents and local businesses: Suspension of enforcement of the overnight parking ordinance. Suspension of enforcement of time limits in residential neighborhoods. Suspension of daytime street sweeping restrictions. Suspension of payment at all curbside parking spaces. All metered parking... continue reading »"City of Pasadena Temporarily Modifies Parking Policy"