Community Police Oversight Commission

Reports & Notices

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2023-12-07 Written Public Comments on Item 7
2023-12-02 Agenda Item 9 - IPA CPOC Presentation Charter Amendments
2023-12-02 Agenda Item 6 - IPA CPOC Presentation 12-7-23
2023-11-30 Cellular Site Simulator Policy Recommendations from CPOC Tech Ad Hoc and PPD Response (For 12-7-23 Meeting)
2023-11-02 Written Public Comments on Item 3
2023-11-02 Agenda Item 7- Attachment B - DRAFT Policy 620 - Cellular Site Simulator (Pasadena PD)
2023-11-02 Agenda Item 6 - IPA CPOC Presentation
2023-10-05 Agenda Item 6 - IPA CPOC Presentation
2023-10-04 Meet and Greet With IPA Richard Rosenthal
2023-09-07 CPOC Written Public Comments on Item 3
2023-09-07 Agenda Item 9 - Street Crime Unit Presentation
2023-09-07 Agenda Item 8 - FY 2022-23 CPOC Annual Report of Accomplishments
2023-09-07 Agenda Item 6 - IPA CPOC Presentation 9-7-23
2023-08-03 Agenda Item 9 - Brown Act Presentation CPOC 2023
2023-08-03 Agenda Item 6 -IPA CPOC Presentation
2023-07-06 Agenda Item 7 - Agenda Report Re IPA
2023-07-06 Agenda Item 6 - IPA CPOC Presentation
2023-06-01 Written Public Comments on Item 8
2023-06-01 - Agenda Item 7 - IPA CPOC Presentation
2023-05-18 - Agenda Item 3 -PPD OIR Response to CPOC
2023-05-18 - Agenda Item 3 -Pasadena OIR Group Presentation
2023-05-18 - Agenda Item 3 - IPA CPOC Presentation - OIR Report Response
2023-05-04 Written Public Comments on Item 4
2023-05-04 Agenda Item 8 - IPA UOF Investigation Assessment Presentation 5-4-23
2023-05-04 Agenda Item 7 - IPA CPOC Presentation 5-4-23
2023-04-06 Agenda Item 6 - IPA CPOC Presentation
2023-03-02 Agenda Item 7 - Administrative Review Update
2023-03-02 Agenda Item 6 - IPA CPOC Presentation
2023-02-02 Agenda Item 7 Handout - Pasadena Police Leadership Transition 2023
2023-02-02 Agenda Item 6 Presentation - IPA Update
2023-01-25 CPOC Agenda Item 4 Presentation - Gary Moody


Meeting Information

Date: 1st Thursday of every month
Time: 6:00 PM
Location: Pasadena City Hall Council Chambers
100 N Garfield Ave.  Room S249
Pasadena, CA 91109
Via Zoom:

Telephone only dial-in: 1-669-900-6833, Meeting ID: 161 482 446

For public comment, please fill out the online speaker card before the start of the agenda item you wish to speak on.

Via Live Stream with Captioning Available:
(Public comment is not available via Live Stream)
Media:  Archived Audio & Video Recordings
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Contact Information

Staff Rep: Amanda Fowler
Frankie Gudiel
Phone: 626-744-4141
Mailing Address: City Attorney's Office
Attn: Oversight Commission Support Division
100 N. Garfield Ave., Room N-210
Pasadena, CA 91101

Commission Members

Name Nominating Authority Term Expires
Phillip J. Argento Mayor 6/30/26
Esprit Loren Jones, Chair District 1 6/30/24
Noemi Emeric-Ford District 2 6/30/24
Donald R. Matthews District 3 6/30/26
Barbara Stacy District 4 6/30/24
Raul Ibanez District 5 6/30/26
Paula Verrette, M.D. District 6 6/30/24
Lawrence Lurvey District 7 6/30/26
Alexis Abernethy Community Based Organization 6/30/25
Florence Annang Community Based Organization 6/30/25
Juliana Serrano Community Based Organization 6/30/25

Independent Police Auditor

As part of the City's oversight program, the City contracts with an Independent Police Auditor (IPA), Dr. Richard Rosenthal. Dr. Rosenthal serves as a best practices advisor to the Commission and has unimpeded access to all Police Department personnel complaints and investigations for auditing and reporting purposes, and reviews all categorical uses of force to assess whether the investigation into a use of force was complete, thorough, objective, and fair. Together with the Commission, the IPA recommends changes and additions to department policies, procedures, and officer training.

Report a Police Complaint / Compliment

The Independent Police Auditor (IPA) has the ability to review the investigative process and outcome of all Police Department complaints generated internally or by the community. If you would like to be sure the IPA and Commission are aware of your complaint, they encourage you to submit a report via the links above, and ensure that you are given a case number by the Police Department. You can email if you have any questions, or to make sure the Commission and IPA are aware of your complaint for auditing purposes.


11 members, with each City Councilmember nominating one (for a total of eight), and three members nominated from community-based organizations. Further information about the qualifications and duties of commissioners can be found at Pasadena Municipal Code, Chapter 2.60.


The purpose of the Community Police Oversight Commission is to enhance, develop, and strengthen community-police relations, and review and make recommendations regarding the ongoing operations of the police department to the chief of police, city manager, and/or city council.

Terms of Office

Initial members to the Commission have been appointed to terms of one, two, and three years, respectively.  After that, a member's term is three years.  A member shall continue in office for their term until his/her successor is appointed.  No member who has served 2 consecutive terms shall be eligible for reappointment to the commission prior to the passage of a two-year interval.