Historic Preservation Commission

Meeting Information

Date: 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month
Time: 6:00 PM
Place: Hale Building
175 N. Garfield Ave., Hearing Room
Pasadena, CA 91101
Media: Archived Audio & Video Recordings

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Contact Information

Staff Rep:


(626) 744-7135

Mailing Address:

Hale Building
175 N. Garfield Ave., 2nd Floor
Pasadena, CA 91101

Commission Members

Name Nominating Authority Term Expires
Juan de la Cruz Mayor 6/30/24
Helen Rahder At Large / District 7 6/30/27
Carol Potter District 1 6/30/27
Tina Miller, Chair District 2 6/30/25
Caryn Hofer District 3 6/30/25
Anne Mello District 4 6/30/25
Cindy Clark-Schnuelle District 5 6/30/26
Ann Scheid District 6 6/30/25
Lucinda Over District 7 6/30/26
Yiorgos Frangescou* Banbury Oaks 6/30/24
Carol A. Polanskey Bungalow Heaven 6/30/25
Kenneth Ayala* Crawfords Vista 6/30/10
Fred Pickel* Garfield Heights 6/30/23
Caroline Purvis* Historic Highlands 6/30/26
Steven Sunshine* Madison/Oakland 6/30/07
Caroline Girard* North Pasadena Heights 6/30/26
Barbara Lamprecht* Orange Heights 6/30/19
John S. Miller* Prospect 6/30/26
Darin Beaman* Rose Villa/Oakdale 6/30/27
Jordan Vannini* Washington Square 6/30/24


9 members, 1 appointed by each of the 7 Councilmembers and the Mayor. The Mayor shall nominate one member from persons recommend by the other 7 Councilmembers. Also includes Landmark District Reps. Pasadena residency required. Members are required to file annual Statements of Economic Interest.


Advisory of the City Council on the promotion, protection and use of Pasadena cultural resources. It recommends the designation of landmarks and landmark districts, and prepares brochures and other material designed to promote public awareness of Pasadena’s unique heritage.

Term of Office

Three years, limited to two consecutive terms.

*indicates Landmark District representative; serves only when reviewing projects within their assigned neighborhood.