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Pasadena City Hall
100 N. Garfield Ave.,
Pasadena, CA 91101
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Main Phone:
(626) 744-7311

7:30 am to 5:30 pm;
Monday - Thursday and every other Friday

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General Information Number:

(626) 744-7311

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Get information about or submit a service request for:

  • Animal Control Issues
  • Code Compliance
  • Garbage & Graffiti
  • Park & Tree Maintenance
  • Public Transportation Issues
  • Street & Sidewalk Issues
  • General Comments and more...

Frequently Called Numbers

City Information Operator(626) 744-7311
Abandoned Shopping Carts(626) 744-7311
Abandoned Vehicles(626) 744-7627
Affordable Housing(626) 744-8300
Alarm Permits(626) 744-4166
Animal Control (Humane Society)(626) 792-7151
Pasadena Transit(626) 744-4055
Birth and Death Records(626) 744-6010
Business Licenses(626) 744-4166
Code Enforcement(626) 744-4633
Dog Licenses(626) 744-4166
Graffiti(626) 744-7311
Historic Preservation(626) 744-4011
City Employment Job Line(626) 744-4600
Marriage Licenses (L.A. County)(562) 462-2137
Neighborhood Watch(626) 744-4550
Park/Picnic Reservations(626) 744-7275
Parking Permits/Exemptions(626) 744-6440
Parking Tickets(626) 744-4360
Recreation Services(626) 744-6940
Street Light Maintenance(626) 744-7311
Street Tree Maintenance(626) 744-7311
Trash Pick-up(626) 744-7311
Vaccinations/Health Check-ups (low-income)(626) 744-6000
Water/Power Billing Inquiries(626) 744-4005
Yard Sale Permits(626) 744-4200

City Departments

City Attorney/Prosecutor(626) 744-4141
City Clerk(626) 744-4124
City Manager(626) 744-4333
Citizen Service Center(626) 744-7311
Finance(626) 744-4355
Fire Department (General Inforrmation)(626) 744-4655
Housing(626) 744-8300
Human Resources(626) 744-4366
Human Services & Recreation(626) 744-4386
Information Technology(626) 744-4220
Library(626) 744-4066
Planning(626) 744-6646
Police(General Information)(626) 744-4501
Public Health(626) 744-6005
Public Works(626) 744-7311
Transportation(626) 744-TRIP
Water & Power (Customer Service Line)(626) 744-4005

Departments and Agencies

Department or AgencyCommon Complaints and Questions Handled
Pasadena Community Access Corporation
(626) 795-5556
Problems with Charter Communications cable television & cable internet services
Fire DepartmentHazardous material storage; Fire prevention; Paramedic billing questions
Public Health Department Directory
Health Department General Information (626) 744-6005
Birth and death certificates; Cleanliness of restaurants; Rats and mice, roaches, fleas, and flies (exterior grounds); Push cart vendors; Swimming pools (stagnant water) and mosquitoes; Bees
Human Resources
MASH: 626-744-7620
MASH: Services to Homeowners
Maintenance Assistance and Services to Homeowners (MASH), consisting of men and women in a unique training program, provides numerous services to home owners as well as business owners and city departments.
Library General Information
(626) 744-4066
Reference questions; Local statistical or historical questions; Obituary requests
Planning Sections and Phone NumbersBuilding; Community Planning; Cultural Affairs; Zoning; Design and Historic Preservation; Permit Services; Inspection Services, including Code Compliance for the following:
Accumulation of trash, junk and debris on residential and commercial properties; Clotheslines hanging in front yards;Hazardous trees on private property; Illegal and unmaintained fences; Illegal and un-maintained signs; Illegal building additions (after the fact); Illegal business operating in single family homes, condos or apartment buildings; Illegal conversions of garages and other structures into dwelling spaces; Illegal parked recreational vehicles; Mobile foodtrucks operating outside of permitted hours or zones; Noncompliance with conditions of conditional use permits, variances, and projects approved with mitigation measures; Overcrowded buildings and symptoms related to such buildings; Outdoors storage of inoperative vehicles; Odors and fumes-sewer and appliance gas odors; Parking of commercial vehicles in residential zones; Rats and mice, roaches, fleas and flies (indoors); Termites, if there is weather proofing and/or potential structural problems; Unmaintained buildings; Buildings with structural, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and other code violations; Unmaintained and unsecured abandoned buildings and vacant lots; Unscreened trash cans stored in front yard; Vehicles parked on the front or side yard
Police Department
Police Department General Information (626) 744-4501
Abandoned vehicles on the city street; Noisy neighbors
Public WorksGarbage collection; Problems with public alleys; Trash and junk dumped on the public street; Unmaintained street lights, public streets and sidewalks; Graffiti Abatement
TransportationPasadena Transit; Dial-A-Ride; Gold Line; Parking; General transportation issues
Water and Power Email and Phone NumbersBilling issues; Power issues; Water issues; Unsafe power lines
Pasadena Convention and Visitors Bureau General Information
(626) 795-9311 or (800) 307-7977
Visitors guide and other general tourist information

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