Power Pasadena PWP Residential Customer Buy/Lease New or Used EV and Receive a Rebate

EV Flyer Residential - $1500 Edit Power Up Pasadena PWP Residential Customers Buy/Lease a New or Used EV and Receive up to $1500 when you purchase any new or used EV if purchased from Pasadena dealership. If purchased from a Pasadena dealership and are income-qualified. Receive up to for installing a Wi-Fi enabled (240V) charger Proof of purchase and install required. Limited time offer - based on available funding. Pasadena Water&Power Serving the Community Since 1906 For more information, visit... continue reading »"Power Pasadena PWP Residential Customer Buy/Lease New or Used EV and Receive a Rebate"


crime alert_ Handicap Placard Theft (1) CRIME ALERT: HANDICAP PLACARD THEFT The Pasadena Police Department would like to make you aware of the recent thefts of handicap placards from vehicles. Thieves often sell the placards illicitly on the streets. Do not leave your handicap placard in your vehicle when not in use. Please remove it from your vehicle and from plain view. Should your handicap placard get stolen, report the crime immediately to the local law enforcement agency. You can... continue reading »"CRIME ALERT: HANDICAP PLACARD THEFT"

Pasadena City College Employment Opportunities

    Pasadena City College is pleased to announce the following employment opportunities:   Job # Title Classification Closes 568 American Sign Language Instructor Academic 02/25/20 566 Architecture Instructor Academic 02/21/20 582 Biological Science Instructor Academic 02/05/20 561 Business Math Instructor Academic 02/11/20 577 Career Counselor Academic 02/03/20 583 Chemistry Instructor Academic 02/13/20 572 Child Development Instructor Academic 02/25/20 560 Computer Information Systems Instructor Academic 02/21/20 571 Computer Science Instructor Academic 02/26/20 563 Engineering Instructor Academic 02/18/20 570 English Instructor... continue reading »"Pasadena City College Employment Opportunities"

MLK Community Coalition

MLK Community Coalition P.O. Box 94268 Pasadena, CA 91109-4268 www.pasadenamlk.org Officers Dr. Jackie Jacobs President Christopher Walker 1st Vice President Dr. Dana Hill 2nd Vice President Dr. Dana Hill Secretary Christopher walker Treasurer Directors Alfred L. Carr, Esq. Dr. David L. Jacobs Denise Jones Nat Nader Dr. Ayesha Randall December 30, 2019 Dear Supporter, The mission of the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Coalition (MLKCC) is to educate, serve and inspire students to keep Dr. King’s dream alive. In line... continue reading »"MLK Community Coalition"