26 Year Old Cancer Survivor from Ohio Stops in Pasadena on Wednesday Before Finishing 3500+ Walk Across the Country (New York to LA) on Thursday

Cody O'Connor is a 25-year-old cancer survivor from Cincinnati, Ohio who has been walking across the country on a “Walk for Hope” for the past 9 months to raise $300,000 for pediatric cancer patients and to shine a light on the ongoing mental and emotional toll that a diagnosis can have on a person and their family. O’Connor kicked off the “Walk for Hope” in New York on June 17th and has walked approximately 3500+ miles of the 3700+ mile journey averaging around 20-25 miles per day.  Along the way, media stations in all cities and towns have been covering his journey.

At age 14, Cody was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma and had to have his right fibula removed. Doctors told him he would never walk normal again.  The “Walk for Hope” stands for overcoming challenges no matter how much the odds may be stacked against you.  It's putting one foot in front of the other for just one more step.   Cody knows all too well the effects cancer can have on the entire family (they lost their home, etc.) and is appreciative for the support and help they received throughout the community.

While he credits his parents, siblings, and physicians for successfully getting him through his battle, the experience revealed what more needs to be done for families facing cancer.   In 2018, O’Connor founded the non-profit Champions Do Overcome with a mission to provide financial and emotional assistance to families so that they can be with their loved one in the hospital and continue fighting, without the added stress of bills piling up at home.

Current sponsors include Kroger, MyMedic, Altra Running, Dude Wipes, Inifinit Nutrition, Sacan Martian Arts, MyFanThreads and MMA athlete Rich Franklin with donations from Wyndham Hotel and Resorts, ACE, Nuun, Smart Wood, Defy Water, Liquid V and Feedback Audiology Solutions & Consulting.

O’Connor has a team of 2-3 people always traveling with him and is staying in touch with followers, supporters, friends, and family via social media and through live videos and interviews along the way.

The “Walk for Hope” has taken Cody ten months to complete, which coincidentally was the same duration of Cody’s battle with cancer.

WHO: Cody O’Connor

WHEN: Wednesday, April 27th at 11 a.m. (PST)

WHERE: Pasadena City Hall, 100 N. Garfield Ave.

Pasadena, CA

INFO: Press release is here

CONTACT: Daphne Ortiz, 323.864.9890, daphne@statementpr.net