At this time, the City of Pasadena Public Health Department is allowing car line celebrations for graduations, birthdays, and other special days. When followed, the Car Line Celebration Public Health Protocol will minimize the risk of spread of COVID-19. The car line must be organized by a designated host who is responsible for ensuring full compliance with the protocol and adherence to the State Health Officer’s Stay at Home Order, which precludes mass gatherings.


Car Line Plan
 Prior to the event, the host must create a written plan that includes the following:
o The schedule of participants (assigned time slots)
o Invitation for the event that educates participants on the public health requirements
o The process for no-contact diploma distribution (if applicable)
o A site map that identifies the route, the location of the diploma hand-off (if applicable), the restrooms, and the standing location of the security and school personnel
o A disinfection schedule for the restrooms and the name of the person responsible
 Maintain the plan onsite during the event and provide to a Pasadena enforcement officer upon request. Approval of the plan before the event is not required.

Car Line Format
 The car line is mobile, no parking, and by invitation only.
 An adequate number of security personnel must be present, at the host’s own cost, to manage the flow of participants for traffic management and safety, and to ensure compliance with the Public Health Protocol.
 The host must assign a limited number of participant vehicles to a specific time slot, and run the procession on a timed schedule to ensure adequate physical distancing and to prevent gathering.
 The host may provide a diploma or paper using a no-contact pick-up method, maintaining physical distancing of 6 feet or greater and wearing a face covering.
 No sales or exchanges of goods or food is permitted during the celebration.
 Personal items such as food, flowers, signs, and graduation caps brought by the occupants of a vehicle must remain in the vehicle.
Health Screening
 Persons experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 (fever of 100 F or above, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, sore throat, chills, repeated shaking with chills, headache, muscle pain, or a new loss of taste or smell) may not participate and must stay home. Participants should self-screen shortly before and during the car line celebration.
 If portable restrooms are provided, a handwashing station with liquid hand soap, paper towels, and a hands-free trash receptacle must be adjacent.
 Signage instructing participants to wash their hands with soap and water after using the restroom must be posted at the handwashing station.
 Restrooms must be disinfected every 30 minutes.
Face Coverings
 Host and security personnel must wear a cloth face covering at all times. Vehicle occupants must wear a cloth face covering when any vehicle windows are open.
Physical Distancing
 The ground must be clearly marked with circles indicating the location where each security person and school employee will stand during the event, and staff must stand within the circle. Circles must be a minimum distance of 6 feet apart.
 All participants, excluding school personnel and security, must arrive and remain in a fully enclosed motorized vehicle. Open convertibles, motorcycles, vehicles without doors (golf carts, etc.), scooters, skateboards, bicycles, and any other mode of transportation that is not a fully enclosed motorized vehicle are not permitted.
 School personnel must remain 6 feet from the car at all times while taking photos.
 Occupants of the vehicle are limited to members of the same household, and no more than the legal occupancy in the vehicle is allowed.
 Occupants of the vehicle must not exit the vehicle to take photos, greet others, change vehicles, or for any reason, except if occupants must use the restroom for emergency purposes.
 Participants may not park for the purpose of gathering before, during, or after the procession.
 Persons at higher risk for severe symptoms of COVID-19 are recommended to stay home.


Safe Driving
 Vehicle gathering points that designate the start of the procession must be off street and not within the public right-of-way.
 Drivers must follow the rules of the road, including all traffic control devices such as stop signs and traffic signals.
 Drivers must turn on hazard lights to notify others that they are part of the car line.
 Vehicle occupants must remain inside the vehicle at all times.
 Drivers must be considerate of driveways along the route and allow other vehicles to cross in to and out of driveways.
 If there is only one travel lane, drivers must not block the only travel lane.
 Drivers must be aware of bicyclists in the street and allow bicyclists to occupy the travel lane.
 Drivers must be aware of pedestrians in the roadway or crossing the street.
 Drivers must not block bus stops or crosswalks.

Temporary No Parking Signs
 If the removal of on-street parking is needed to allow queuing on street (to avoid blocking a travel lane) the host must contact the Department of Transportation at 626-744-7665 to request “Temporary No Parking” signs at least one week before the scheduled event. “Temporary No Parking” signs must be installed by the applicant 48-hours before the event.


If you have questions you can request information through the Pasadena City Service Center. Call 626-744-7311 or visit