City of Pasadena's New Permitting System Launches June 11, 2020

PASADENA, Calif.— The City of Pasadena is launching a new and improved permitting system on June 11, 2020. The new system, called Energov, will replace the current Tidemark system that has been utilized since 2001. Energov will improve online services, such as the ability to get current permit information throughout the plan check and inspection process, schedule inspections and make payments. This is the first phase of a project to develop a virtual permit center. The second phase of the project, expected to be completed in 2021, will give customers the ability to submit permit applications online.
The implementation of the new system will limit Permit Center operations between June 4-10. During this time, the City will not be issuing permits or processing payments; however, inspections will continue to take place during regular business hours. Although operations will be limited, staff is available to answer your questions. Please utilize contacts below:
• Building and Safety: (preferred) or (626) 744-4200
• Planning: (626) 744-6777
• Code Compliance: (626) 744-8633
Service Enhancements:
• Schedule inspections online and receive a call/text/email confirmation with inspection window
• Pay permit fees online with Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express
• Track progress of building permit applications (e.g. plan check, inspections, fees)
• Track progress of planning applications (e.g. review status, public meeting information, fees)
Concurrent Plan Review:
The City has implemented a concurrent plan review process. All plan check submittals will be reviewed by all required plan reviewers at the same time. This replaces the process whereby review of resubmittals are conducted solely by Building and Safety until approval and, thereafter, are reviewed by all other reviewers. The new process will provide a more timely and coordinated plan review. In addition, all corrections/comments for the plan review will now be provided in a consolidated report.
New Requirements for Customers:
• Effective June 11, all plan check submittals will require a digital copy of plans in PDF format on USB or CD.
• Effective June 11, applicants are required to submit a written response to all plan check corrections/comments.
Important Links:
Access to Inspection Request Portal: June 8)
Access to Energov Citizen Self-Service Portal: (available June 8)
Stay connected to the City of Pasadena! Visit us online at; follow us on Twitter at @PasadenaGov, and Instagram and Facebook at @CityOfPasadena; or call the Citizen Service Center, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday at (626) 744-7311.