Is a Coyote Visiting Your Neighborhood?

Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA

PHS is here to help. We offer workshops, tips, coyote proofing and more to keep you safe.

Dealing with coyotes

  • Make sure your fence is higher than 6 feet high
  • Keep your cats inside, supervise small dogs and keep your pet confined and/or on a leash
  • Remove any outdoor pet food
  • Pick up fruit as soon as it falls to the ground
  • Eliminate any sources of water, from bird baths to puddles
  • Trim overgrown landscaping
  • Secure your garage and don't leave the door open unless necessary
  • Managing coyotes is a group effort - please share these tips with your neighbors

If you see a coyote

  • Make the coyote feel uncomfortable
  • Be aggressive. Yell or spray a hose at the coyote
  • Make yourself appear large and back away slowly
  • Never turn your back or run away
  • bring a whistle or stick with you on walks

Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA does not trap, tranquilize, or capture healthy wildlife. We can help with coyote proofing your home, respond to calls and, if needed, contact the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, who has jurisdiction over all wildlife in California. 

If a coyote is acting threatening or is sick or injured, call us at 626.792.7151

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