Los Angeles Country Census Chalkathon

Seeking Local LA County Chalk Artist for a 2020 Census Promotion Event


About the Promotion

The Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) is hosting a three-week Census Chalkathon to help Get-out-the-Count for the 2020 Census. The Chalkathon will start on Monday, August 17 and will conclude on Monday, September 7. We are encouraging students and community members in the county to chalk on their own and post their art on social media with the hashtags #LACCensusChalkathon and #CaStudentsCount. 

One of the key components of the Chalkathon is to feature our community's amazing local artists as they create their unique 2020 Census inspired artwork on sidewalks in local neighborhoods, businesses and other public spaces throughout the event dates. Help make a difference in your community!


Everyone counts in the 2020 Census and Los Angeles County has many more households to count! Results from the 2020 Census will support our community for the next 10 years. In addition to funding for healthcare, public safety, roads and schools, the Census is important because nonprofits depend on Census data to determine funding for the arts, Pell Grants and much more. 

Materials & Size

The materials artist use should be mostly chalk-based or chalk pastels themselves. Other non-permanent materials may be allowed, but we ask that you keep it to mostly chalk for the purposes of this art display. Artist must acquire their own equipment for the display. The size of the piece will be left up to each artist and the available space at the selected location. It should be large enough to draw attention from passers by the work. The artist is welcome to design more than one piece. Social distance guidelines are required.

Timeline & Expectations

We ask for artist to begin and complete their artwork within the three-week event dates (8/17-9/7). Specific timeframes for each artist will vary. Each design should include/incorporate the following wording within or near the art: Everyone Counts! ¡Todos Contamos! 2020Census.Gov

Depending on location or design, we may ask for another language to be included in the artwork. Participating artists will be provided the social media channels for the Chalkathon to post their in-progress and completed images and videos of their work. All social media posts should include #LACCensusChalkathon and #CaStudentsCount. You are encouraged to post on your own social media outlets.


Selected artists will be provided a monetary stipend for their completed artwork, social media promotion (bio & artwork) during the event, Census swag and potential media attention from press releases to media outlets.

How to Participate

Interested artists are encouraged to submit the following information to flores_esmeralda@lacoe.edu:

  • Contact information: Name (include preferred gender pronoun), email, phone, and city in LA County
  • Social media site(s) and website link (if available) that show any previous artwork
  • Bio: short version; just tells us a little bit about you (a few sentences to a paragraph)
  • We may ask for a longer bio version and a photo from selected artists
  • Provide a very-rough sketch or describe a potential art concept for your piece
  • Do not spend a long-time on this part, just give a potential idea of what you may create 
  • Share with us how you learned about this opportunity and if you were referred 
  • If you have access to a public location for your artwork, please share that information as well

Artists will be reviewed as submissions are received. Don't delay! Questions can be directed to LACOE's Program Specialist, Esmeralda X. Flores at flores_esmeralda@lacoe.edu or by phone at (562) 774-6991.