Pasadena Police Officers Association Scholarships

Pasadena Police Officers Association Scholarships

The Pasadena Police Officers Association (PPOA) supports youth in our community and looks forward to recognizing the accomplishments of distinguished students. The PPOA offers several different scholarship opportunities for graduating seniors. 

In addition to the specific requirements for each scholarship, all students need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be eligible for graduation or have graduated from high school on or before June of 2022
  • Have maintained a GPA of 2.75 or better during both Junior and Senior years of high school with a satisfactory attendance record
  • Have participated in service activities with school, community, or faith-based organizations
  • Be available to attend the awards presentation in June 

In addition, students need to submit the following documents along with the essay for the specific scholarship. Students can submit one copy of these documents even if applying for multiple scholarships, but need to include the essay for each as required.

  • PPOA Scholarship Award Application form
  • A copy of the student’s official transcript and attendance record
  • A list of extracurricular activities, community service participation, leadership positions, and honors and awards 
  • Two letters of recommendation speaking to academic accomplishments, service, or leadership experience
  • Proof of acceptance in an accredited two-year or four-year college
  • Essay(s) required for the scholarship(s) that students is applying for

PPOA Dependent Scholarship

Who Can Apply

This $2000 scholarship for a dependent of a current or retired PPOA member, or a former member currently employed as a police officer (as defined by P.C. 830-1) with the Pasadena Police Department.


Students must submit all required materials and a 500 word essay answering the following question:

How has having a police officer in your immediate family shaped your understanding of the role of law enforcement in society? In other words, what insight or perspective have you gained from having a police officer in your immediate family?

PPOA Community Scholarship

Who Can Apply

This $2000 scholarship for a student from a Pasadena high school who intends to pursue a criminal justice or other law-enforcement related degree at a two-year or four-year college.


Students must submit all required materials and a 500 word essay answering the following question:

Why are you choosing a career in law enforcement and what contributions do you hope to make to the field?

Lloyd Kirby Memorial Scholarships

Lloyd Kirby was dedicated to service. Prior to his 33-year career in law enforcement, he served in the United States Air Force. He spent the majority of his career with the Pasadena Police Department, patrolling the city, training new officers, and working as a juvenile detective. When he was not serving the community in uniform, he was working with youth in the Boy Scouts and his sons’ schools. A dedicated family man, Lloyd Kirby lived and raised his children in the Pasadena community he served. This scholarship is sponsored by his family to honor his memory. We remember him for his dedication to law enforcement, commitment to service, and support for young people in our community. 

Who Can Apply

 Students who meet any of the following criteria are eligible to apply for a $1000 Lloyd Kirby Memorial Scholarship:

  • A Pasadena high school who intends to complete a two or four-year degree in criminal justice or any law-enforcement related field
  • A dependent of any current or retired Pasadena Police Officer
  • A participant in the Pasadena Police Department’s Cadet or Explorer programs


Students must submit all required materials and a 500 word essay answering the following question:

Commitment to community was important to Lloyd Kirby. How can those working in the law enforcement field build strong relationships with communities they serve?  



Application Form

Date: _____________________________

Name: Last: ____________________ First: ________________ MI: ______ DOB: ______________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________ 

City:  __________________ Zip Code: _______ Email Address: ______________________________

Name of parent/guardian ______________________________________ # of siblings _____________

Cellphone # ___________________________ Home or parent’s cellphone # _____________________

High School ___________________________________ Graduation Date ________________________

College you wish to attend: ______________________________________________________________

Anticipated Major/Course of Study ________________________________________________________

Do you currently work?   ____ YES ____ NO    

Employer’s name and telephone #: __________________________________________________________

Which scholarship(s) are you applying for?

______ Community      

______ Lloyd Kirby

______ Dependent (Name of current or retired PPD officer: _______________________________)

On a separate sheet, please list any honors or awards, as well as extracurricular and service activities you have participated in during high school, including employment.

Please submit completed application and required documents to:

Pasadena Police Officers Association

P.O. Box 281

Pasadena, CA 91102

Attn: Scholarship Awards Committee

Direct any questions to Stephanie McKinney at 626/205-1514 or

All materials must be received by May 1, 2022.