Rep. Chu Announces $5.2 Million For Community Projects in the City of Pasadena

Rep. Chu Announces $5.2 Million For Community Projects in the City of Pasadena

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Rep. Chu announced that she has secured $5.2 million in funding for infrastructure and community projects in the City of Pasadena. Funding for these three projects will come from the bipartisan INVEST in America Act, which was passed by the House on July 1, 2021, and from fiscal year 2022 appropriations bills. The three projects include expanding free public WiFi in city parks and park facilities, constructing a protected bike lane, and purchasing zero-emissions buses. Rep. Chu issued the following statement:

“As the Representative from the San Gabriel Valley, one of my top priorities in Congress is fighting for the federal funds needed to help us grow and address urgent climate, and infrastructure needs. That is why, I am so proud to have fought for and secured funding for three key community projects here in Pasadena to help do just that. These projects include adding free public WiFi to 18 Pasadena parks and park facilities, constructing a two-way protected bike lane to connect Metro Gold Line passengers to major institutions and employment centers, and purchasing two zero-emissions buses to kickstart Pasadena Transit’s transition away from fossil fuels.

“Every Pasadena resident, especially those in underserved communities, deserves full access to the Internet, reliable transportation, and clean air. I want to thank Mayor Gordo and the Pasadena City Council for proposing these projects that will put our community on a path to achieve these goals. I am proud to work in Washington to ensure our tax dollars work for us, and proud to support investments that will help Pasadena grow.”

Rep. Chu secured three community projects funding requests for the City of Pasadena from the House Appropriations Committee and the INVEST in America Act. Summaries of those three project requests are included below:

INVEST in America Act

● $1.6 million for a protected bicycle lane in Pasadena on Union Street from Arroyo Parkway to Hill Avenue which will provide an alternative mode of travel connecting Metro L Line (Gold Line) light rail transit stations to major institutions and employment centers. The project includes the modification of 14 traffic signals and the installation of 6 new traffic signals to provide a protected two-way bike lane that will encourage the use of non-auto travel on this diverse section of the City and is consistent with the Pasadena’s climate action goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by providing true alternatives to automobile travel.

● $2.1 million for the purchase of two zero emission buses and associated refueling/charging stations to begin the transition of the Pasadena Transit fleet to zero emission transit vehicles and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Pasadena Transit system is the City’s primary first and last mile connector to the regional bus and rail network, with over 25% of passengers connecting from throughout Los Angeles County and Orange County.

House Appropriations Committee

● $1.5 million for the completion of free Public Wifi to the remaining 18 parks and park facilities in the City of Pasadena to further increase access to broadband for underserved communities, students and all residents. In the past five years, the City of Pasadena deployed free Public WiFi to 15 of 33 city parks and park-facilities. Usage metrics show over 1,000 unique connections accessing this service daily and over 40,000 connections annually, a 100% increase in usage over the last year. Free Public WiFi in city parks and park facilities provides all residents and students reliable access to broadband, supports digital learning, encourages digital inclusion efforts and offers safe space for all to work, study, communicate, apply for services and participate in the digital economy. Expanding broadband connectivity for public safety and essential services improves resiliency of critical services.