Dr. Beech Honored By Former Students

District 4 Commissioner, Dr. Mel Beech, honored by former students! Fifty Years On, These Former Students Still Love Their Sixth-Grade Homeroom Teacher Having learned in harmony during a time of racial strife, they gathered at Mijares Restaurant last Saturday evening to thank the man who guided them in their youth and enriched their lives foever. Dr. Mel Beech, a former sixth-grade Pasadena Unified teacher no one from his homeroom class of 1967-68 will ever forget, told Pasadena Now he remembers... continue reading »"Dr. Beech Honored By Former Students"

District 4 Community Emergency Response Training

By Harald Zechner, Pasadena Community Access Corporation Board Member Councilmember Gene Masuda’s invitation to District 4 residents wishing to learn Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) took place Saturday, October 25 at the former St. Luke Hospital site on Washington Blvd.  The day long event that included both classroom and out in the field hands on training was well attended by those wishing to sharpen their disaster skills. Pasadena Fire Department, Emergency Management Coordinator & Public Information Officer Lisa Derderian along... continue reading »"District 4 Community Emergency Response Training"

Are We Earthquake Ready? District 4 Community Forum 1.28.16

Pasadena Vice Mayor Gene Masuda invited the public to a District 4 Community Forum at the Victory Park Community Center to hear about earthquake preparedness from one of the world’s preeminent earthquake scientists, Lucy Jones, Ph.D. Vice Mayor Gene Masuda with Lucy Jones PhD Lucy Jones is one of the world’s leading seismologists and a public voice for earthquake science and safety.  A seismologist with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and a Visiting Research Associate at the Seismological Laboratory of... continue reading »"Are We Earthquake Ready? District 4 Community Forum 1.28.16"