Sierra Madre Villa Pedestrian Corridor Public Art Project Installation

Located in East Pasadena, the Sierra Madre Villa Pedestrian Corridor project consists of sidewalk expansion, lighting, landscaping and public art along the east side of Sierra Madre Villa Avenue to and from the Sierra Madre Villa Metro Light Rail Station.

Kyungmi Shin’s artwork titled Road Blossoms, utilizes the newly installed City light poles and the retaining wall. The proposed project is intended to improve the pedestrian experience along the freeway underpass and create a more pleasant overall environment. Inspired by the idea of promoting the use of public transportation, bicycling, walking and running, Shin designed a three-part artwork design consisting of art banners that have two components (1) painted metal “word sculptures” attached to the five light poles, and (2) painted metal poetry medallions attached to the five light poles. The concept includes one art banner, consisting of two light pole art elements at each of the five light poles in addition to the mural.

Kyungmi Shin was chosen by a community stakeholder group that was convened in July and August 2012. She studied painting at San Francisco Art Institute, and received MFA in Sculpture and Installation from University of California at Berkeley in 1995. She moved to Los Angeles in 1996 and currently lives and works in Los Angeles, and Ghana.

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