Happy 125th Birthday to Castle Green!

On behalf of Vice Mayor Steve Madison, District 6 field representative Justin Chapman presented a Certificate of Recognition to Castle Green and Friends of Castle Green for their "continual efforts in preserving this significant landmark and its notable cultural contribution to the City of Pasadena" at Castle Green's 125th anniversary celebration on January 16, 2024.

History: The Hotel Green was originally situated across Raymond Ave. The Annex of the Hotel Green (now, Castle Green) was opened on January 16, 1899. Castle Green was built by Colonel Green and designed by Frederick I. Roehrig, who incorporated Moorish, Spanish, and Victorian styles into architectural elements throughout the building. The Hotel Green was the social center for East Coast elite who arrived at the train station nearby and spent their Winter season enjoying Pasadena. The popularity of "horseless carriages" (cars) allowed for a wider range of vacation destinations and attendance at Pasadena hotels declined. Ultimately, the hotel was divided into 52 individually owned units as it remains today. Castle Green received official Historic Landmark Status on November 12, 1982.