Growth and Development in Pasadena

“WHITHER PASADENA?" GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT IN PASADENA Pasadena Residents: In her seminal book, “The Death and Life of Great American Cities,” Jane Jacobs wrote, “Cities are an immense laboratory of trial and error, failure and success, in city building and city design.” If one accepts Jacobs’ view (generally a safe bet in matters of urban planning), Pasadena has been a very busy laboratory indeed. Several thousand new residential units have been built in Pasadena in the last decade, a period... continue reading »"Growth and Development in Pasadena"

Arlington Garden

Photographer: Chuck Hudson Thousands drive by Arlington Garden each day on busy South Pasadena Avenue and see a pleasant landscape. While those who stop for a moment see much more, those who stay a little longer discover surprises around every corner. Beauty to blight Today, the garden is home to 350 trees and thousands of plants that thrive in our mediterranean climate, but it wasn’t always so. From 1904 to 1964, the 10-acre site was home to the renowned Durand... continue reading »"Arlington Garden"

El Nino Forum

  On December 1, 2016 Steve Madison hosted a very successful Community Forum: “Is Pasadena Prepared for El Niño?” If you missed the forum but wish to view the broadcast, please go to For additional information on protecting your family and your property and limiting the effects of El Niño, go to the City of Pasadena website,

La Loma Road Bridge Closed from July 2015-December 2016

THE LA LOMA ROAD BRIDGE WILL BE CLOSED FROM JULY 27-2015 TO DECEMBER 2016 Attending the " groundbreaking"  ceremony for the La Loma Bridge renovation were (L to R) Councilmember Steve Madison;  Julie Gutierrez, Assistant City Manager and Interim Public Works Director; Steve Wright, City Engineer;  Sue Mossman, Director, Pasadena Heritage and La Loma Bridge Advisory Committee Member. The bridge is expected to be operational by December, 2016.

Demolition of the Desiderio Army Reserve Center

On September 10, 2015 Councilmember Steve Madison, Sonja Yates, Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity, City Manager Michael Beck and guests celebrated the beginning of the demolition of the buildings to make room for the Desiderio Park and the future home of nine Habitat for Humanity homes. We anticipate a park opening in early 2017. (Photo courtesy of William Boyer, PIO City of Pasadena)

A Legislative Victory: No 710 Tunnel

We had a major legislative victory Monday night for West Pasadena, the City of Pasadena and the entire region. My resolution to oppose the 710 tunnel was approved by the Pasadena City Council! I am deeply grateful to my colleagues Vice Mayor Jacque Robinson, Mayor Bill Bogaard and Councilmembers Victor Gordo and Gene Masuda for standing with me to reject this clear and present danger to our quality of life. Terry Tornek, John Kennedy and Margaret McAustin voted against my... continue reading »"A Legislative Victory: No 710 Tunnel"

SR 710 Upcoming Events and Meetings

See The DEIR For The 710 Options Caltrans Website Online: Look for the tab that reads Draft EIR under the blue bar. Copies are available at the San Rafael and Linda Vista branch libraries. Get Involved! Download the SR-710 Upcoming Events Download Rendering of Ventilation Stacks from the Proposed 710 Extension

The Vote on the 710 Freeway Extension

THE VOTE ON THE 710 FREEWAY EXTENSION THE TUNNEL Three of my colleagues let us down last night. I moved to formally oppose the disastrous tunnel proposal for the 710 freeway extension, but my motion failed by a 4-3 vote; even though our Council only has seven members presently because of Chris Holden's election to the State Assembly, five votes are still required for Council action. (You may recall that on August 13, I made a motion that the Council... continue reading »"The Vote on the 710 Freeway Extension"

Unanimous Council Decision

THE COUNCIL’S DECISION WAS UNANIMOUS (AUGUST 14, 2012) Last night, hundreds of residents came to the City Council meeting to voice their opposition to LA METRO’s proposed alternative routes for the 710 freeway—routes that would have decimated neighborhoods throughout West Pasadena. I am deeply grateful to all who attended (notwithstanding some daunting technical problems with the sound system) and especially to my fellow Councilmembers who unanimously supported my resolution to oppose Alternatives F-5 (tunnel connecting I-10 to SR-134), H-2 (arterial... continue reading »"Unanimous Council Decision"